CPS – Pay For Partner’s Transing Or You’re A Domestic Abuser

Refusing to fund your partner’s gender transition could be domestic abuse, says CPS

New guidance states ‘withholding money for transitioning’ or refusing to use a preferred name or pronoun, would be seen as abusive behaviour
By Charles Hymas, Home Affairs Editor 7 July 2023 • 8:51pm

Spouses who refuse to fund their partner’s gender surgery may be domestic abusers, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says in new guidance.

The CPS has listed nine types of behaviour which could amount to abuse of trans or non-binary people by their partners or members of their family.

These include “withholding money for transitioning,” which would include either spouse refusing to pay for gender surgery, counselling or other treatment in a way that amounted to coercive control or abuse.

Other behaviours could be “criticising the victim for not being ‘a real man/woman’ if they have not undergone reassignment surgery,” or “threatening or sharing pre-transition images,” or refusing to use their preferred name or pronoun.

The guidance has, however, been criticised by the Women’s Rights Network (WRN), which campaigns for the sex-based rights of women.

The group has written to Max Hill, the head of the CPS, citing the guidance as “detrimental to women’s trust and confidence” in the service.

MORE https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/07/07/refusing-fund-spouse-partners-transition-domestic-abuse-cps/

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One Response to “CPS – Pay For Partner’s Transing Or You’re A Domestic Abuser”

  1. ian says:

    Loved the video. People will say, “the world’s gone crazy”, as they head to the pub, and that’s enough for them. Sorted. As I said on a previous video comment, that this shit can be passed into law, shows that our “democracy”, is theatre at best. Promoting the minorities to the detriment of the majority is classic Cultural Marxism. They are increasing the pressure gradually, and it is excellent that Ricky Gervais can make a comedy from it.