7 Responses to “Covid Venom”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    The one thing I want to say is this:
    If you don’t know what you are looking for you won’t find it.

    These are Spanish Doctors who found the self assembling Nanoparticles in the Vaxx Shots (Video below).
    I knew they were inside the Vxx because I know where this Technology comes from.
    Harvard Elon Musk DARPA Klaus Schwab.
    The Harvard Wyss Foundation was founded by Hansjörg Wyss (Chealsea FC Owner) who is a close Family associate of Klaus Schwab WEF.
    Here is their Website.


    In order to control Brainwave patterns you need to identify them which this technology is doing.
    Neural Lace
    The next step is Neural Link which links Neural Lace to 5G.
    But it is this technology Neural Lace that creates the Blood Cloth and the Heart disease that kills so many people.


    Neural Lace are self assembling Graphene Oxide / Trioxide Nanoparticles which were developed by the CIA Harvard Wyss Foundation Klaus Schwab DARPA & Mossad
    Neural Lace is a BCI Brain Computer Interface that works together with Neural Link.
    Neural Lace amplifies the Brainwaves so it can be picked up by Neural Link which then connects to the 5G Network and STARLINK.
    Neural Lace was distributed throughout the Global Vaccination program unknowingly for all and Elon Musk & Bill Gates knowing it for sure.



    The complete plan is to connect the Human race to the Internet to be controlled by AI and a Robot Police Force.
    Quantum Fascism

    • newensign says:

      Quite right Fritz, as pointed out in the title, we are being attacked through various mediums. As the doctor points out, although a variety of venoms (poisons) are being used, if the gut is in good working order the body can deal with them and likewise graphine oxide and other heavy metals can be dealt with. Emfs are a large factor in causing ill health which is more difficult to protect against. By taking the suggested antidotes the attacks can be overcome.

      • FritzFreud says:

        Yes… But…
        I think most people (not you) don’t seem to fathom the extent on which we are attacked.
        We are attacked via our Food supply, Mind control Indoctrination, good old Fascism (Groupthink) heavy Metals in food drink and storage i.e. microplastics… EMF Radiation and more.
        Sites like Facebook and Tic Toc dilute the attention span.
        And sheer pressure of compliance combined with fear of existenz.
        Here is something I am not sure you know.
        I came across this in 2010 when there was a great scandal in China/HK about aborted baby cells in baby food.
        Now Coke Pepsi and Nestle also use aborted featus cells in their food additives.
        Did you know that?

        I think most people don’t and they dismiss things like that.
        We are being attacked on all levels and in all countries.
        Which leads to the most important Question:
        Who is attacking everyone everywhere to what extend and why.
        The answer to this is probably the most disturbing and frightening to the normalites.

        • newensign says:

          I would certainly agree with that Fritz, but this is what we are doing in our own small way to make the MSM watchers aware, but it is a hard slog!! As one great man said; winning the battle is 92% of knowing who the real enemy is and the other 8% is knowing who you are in the grand scheme of things. One knows who the real rulers of a country is, are those spoken of in whispers behind closed doors!

    • danceaway says:

      Yes, we have been following and posting the research being done by La Quinta Columna for a considerable time,Fritz Freud, Their findings are of interest to many of us. Thee additional details and explanations you have provided extends our understanding and knowledge. Thank you. At the same time we are trying to find ways around the dystopian future they are planning for us.

      • FritzFreud says:

        Thank you.
        There is a way out… and I am repeating myself.
        You see the Future they are planning is structured around a few things.
        Mainly at this point Climate and Net Zero.
        And their power is based on Oil & dependency on the Government.
        So in order to break this spell we need to take away their power and ensure the food supply is not tempered with.
        We need to change education and make it available to everyone through the Internet Free of charge.
        But we are living in a Material World.
        So take Transportation…
        Biggest Business in this world.
        This is where my Transport Technology comes into.
        It is designed to end Aviation and give something better.
        I also have made a quiet comprehensive proposal on what we can do… here…


        I also made a proposal for a revolution i.e. total Government shutdown and taking out the parasites that do this to us.


        And a petition to declare the WEF a Terrorist Organization


        Matt LeTissier has signed and is quiet positive about this.
        But my reach is limited.
        I am however willing to co operate and work with people who are willing to make a change.

  2. newensign says:

    Yes Danceaway, I think what is of importance is that Dr Artis has found the antidote for the poison and that it is effective against the many varieties of venom they use both natural and synthetic.