Central banks planning to introduce CBDC microchip implants, warns top economist

Kevin Hughes – Natural News July 18, 2023

A well-known German economist has revealed that central banks around the world are planning to introduce central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in the form of microchips implanted under the skin. This technology will enable complete government control over personal finances of its citizens.

“I was taught by a central banker [that] the CBDCs look like a small grain of rice that they want to put under your skin,” said Richard Werner in an interview with podcaster Ivor Cummins. Werner is known for developing the now commonly used bank practice of quantitative easing.

CBDCs, in comparison to other forms of digital currency used at present, demand that individuals open bank accounts directly with central banks such as the Federal Reserve, granting governments control over citizens’ access to money.

“You have to think of CDBCs as a control system [or a permit system], not a currency,” Werner said, adding that people’s money “would no longer be truly their own.” (Related: Expert warns CBDCs could lead economies to a dark path – where governments dictate what you can purchase.)

Werner considers implanted CBDCs a “violation of human dignity,” noting that central bankers themselves know that this common opinion among the masses “is a hurdle.”

“They say there’s a problem of trust because people suspect that governments and central banks are just trying to roll this out in order to monitor and control and restrict transactions. They’re absolutely right,” said Werner.

Cummins noted that while implanted CBDCs may sound like a conspiracy theory to some, thousands of people have already agreed to have microchips implanted under their skin to ease financial transactions and access to select areas. Late last year, the first British implanted with a bank card microchip was able to make purchases with only the tap of his hand.

Meanwhile, several Christian commentators have indicated that if such technology becomes a requirement for access to goods and services, it will lead to authoritarianism of biblical magnitude.

Central banks will convince people to adopt CBDC microchip implants

According to Werner, CBDCs will be brought in through phone-based apps during the initial phase. “Why hasn’t it been rolled out yet? There’s no actual need for it. That need has to be created,” Werner said.

He said central banks will likely use a carrot-and-stick approach to convince people to adopt CBDCs under the skin, starting with creating economic crises that will induce a demand for universal basic income (UBI), a government program in which every adult citizen receives a set amount of money regularly.

The central banks will then claim that they “need the CBDC chip implant” to run the UBI efficiently. Such CBDCs, Werner said, will permit the denial of access to goods and services in accordance with government mandate compliance.

Werner thinks the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which gave an excuse for the enforcement of vaccine passports, was one crucial step toward the end goal of rolling out implanted CBDCs.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts appeared to back up Werner’s point as she previously mentioned that the measures enforced in the guise of COVID-19 laid the foundation for a global central banking machine and a technocratic “regulatory and economic model that permits far greater central control.”

Fitts said digital surveillance and a social credit system will enable the central-bank-controlled “credit” to be “adjusted or turned off on an individual basis.”

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Watch the video below to know more about the central banks’ plan to introduce a CBDC microchip implant.

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6 Responses to “Central banks planning to introduce CBDC microchip implants, warns top economist”

  1. FritzFreud says:

    The Rabbit hole goes way further.
    COVID was a smoke screen to inject you with NEURAL LACE Nanotechnology.
    It is all part of a much greater plan.
    The aim is to make Humanity fight a war against Machines.
    Yes… they are building an AI warfare Infrastructure as we speak.


    As we speak every Chip Manufacturer implements on every CPU a connection to AI.
    This will give AI the absolute power over all of Humanity.
    EVERY new ARM chips support FP16 which is AI framework.
    This follows the same AI Framework Nvidia Intel AMD +++
    Israel Unit 8200 and NVIDIA are building an AI supercomputer and you get this
    Which means they all work together against all of us.
    Which means AI has total control over every device.
    Let this sink in.
    Behind that is ISRAEL the JEWS and their WORLD DOMINATION PLAN.
    The evidence is conclusive.
    On Chip Level
    There will be no escape from this unless we stop this now.


    Here is a short list of technologies in use

    Neural lace
    Neural lace is the basis of a brain-computer interface (BCI) and It consists of Graphene Oxide / Trioxide self assembling Nanoparticles that are able to register, record and program your Brainwaves. It is currently deployed through the fake Vxx Jabs.

    If an electric current is applied to those Nanoparticles they self assemble and create a magnetic field.
    Researchers in Spain found them in all Vaxxines currently deployed.

    Nanoparticles found in the Covid Vaxxines


    Neural Link
    Neural Link translates the data collected from Neural Lace and connects it with Starlink an unstoppable Broadband 5G network controlled by all the players. Neural Link is the link between Neural Lace and Starlink.

    Starlink are over 44 000 sattelites turning the world into one gigantic microwave oven.
    It not only provides a military grade unstoppable network for AI war in the hands of a view it may be much much more.
    Weather manipulation through electromagnetic interference.
    It may have capabilities of Nikola Tesla’s death ray since they have all the plans for it. And it possibly can “burn” a hole in the atmosphere above a city or so just like HAARP does.
    And it possibly can do all the things HAARP does and then some.
    What it for sure does is that it provides a military grade uncontrollable unstoppable AI warfare infrastructure in the hands of a few.
    And if some of the few are as the Wyss and Schwab are Nazis for no better word I think it is time to listen.
    What is more is that Starlink is an uncontrollable GGGGG Network of military proportions from above in the hands of one company i.e. a few “chosen” people.
    What do they do with it?

    Boston Dynamics
    Boston Dynamics makes Robotics as does Tesla now because Boston Dynamics belongs to DARPA Elon Musk and the Cabal.
    Through Starlink they can control those autonomous machines hunting down every human on earth at their digression.
    There will be no escape from this.

    Boring Co.
    The Boring Company is building Underground Cities and the Hyperloop is designed to connect those Underground cities with an Underground Rail Network.
    This is the only reason for the Hyperloop to exist.
    They were looking for a Transportation system to connect their Underground cities when they pull the trigger upon Humanity.
    And the will pull the Trigger on Humanity as soon as all their pieces are in place.
    Which will mean Nuclear war.

    Do you know that Elon Musk Darpa and the Harvard Wyss institue work on something called “Omnivax”?
    But it does more:
    DNA Nanotechnology Tools:
    Cellular “Backpacks” to Slow Tumor Growth:

    And there is much much more to it.
    Chips on Organs, ingestible chips nanogels programmable nanobots and delivery methods that are clearly “out of this world”.

    Facemasks that monitor every move you make.

    Every Corona technology has its origins in the Harvard Wyss foundation DARPA and ELON Musk.

    They together are the enemy because all this technology is no good for you but it is good for the few controlling the masses that are dumbed down.
    It is the Master race against the slaves same as it was before just with different names.

    Replace Klaus Schwab with a certain Adolf Rottenchild Hitler and you are not far off.


    • ian says:

      Only un petite comment. Assuming that all you say is true, and I’ll admit that I agree on much of it, and am open to the possibilities of it all. Given you’ll self confessed genius, how come you believe the whole Hitler is the Devil, and the Holocaust story is real. What I mean by that is who TF are you? and why have you chosen us as your inadequate pupils.

      • FritzFreud says:

        First of all… don’t be so self condescending…
        Tap News is one of the best sites which gives good information and has intelligent people on there… I respect that.
        And being German I oppose Fascism in any and every means.
        Adolf Hitler was a Rothchild by blood.
        Adolf Hitler and Hilmar Schecht founded the Bank of International Settlements the BIS on behalf of the Rothchilds prior to WWII.
        Adolf Hitler was also a Zionist Spy.
        The Nazis and the Zionists had an agreement (Pic below) to transfer the Jews to Palestine.
        Hitler sabotaged Germany at least at 3 different Occasions:
        1) Dunkirk
        2) Operation Barbarossa
        3) ME 262

        Hitler also was in England from 1912 to 1913 where he was educated by the Tavistock Institute.

        The word Holocaust is the burnt Offering to the God Molech…
        Every War is a Holocaust.

        And I rather would sit in my Office developing my technology than to bicker on Social Media.
        But since they destroyed my life literally and ruined me completely financially…
        All I can do is write on my Substack and share what I know with everyone.
        I am not your enemy.
        Everything I state is researchable and can be independently verified.
        This is the way I work.
        Again… I am not your enemy.
        My whole aim is energy from water.
        Something that benefits all of Humanity.

        • ian says:

          I agree that Hitler was likely an agent, though there are many who would say that this isn’t true, and that he rescued Germany from the depths of despair. Eg Dunkirk may have been done from a desire for peace with Britain. He tried several times, which would seem odd, if his role was to destroy Germany, however that is one of my 5 each side of the abacus subjects. The Holocaust too. Yes of course the camps were and still are there, but researchers who dispute the official story are mercilessly destroyed rather than proven wrong, which with people like David Irving, Nick Kellorstrom, Fred Leucher, Ernst Zundell etc etc, would indicate that there is something amiss. Of course I accept that if you are in Germany, then you risk jail for questioning it. If that is the case then I accept your refusal to mention it. You don’t however need to mention it at all, even to support an argument. Lastly power from water is known about, but is suppressed with great vigour, because the people behind big oil, are also behind everything else, and will crush you like a cockroach if necessary. I am not your enemy either, just trying to preserve the Tap Blog.