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But I can’t talk about it….Richard Vobes

Look at the comments as well:  eg.

“This subject triggers people. They are reminded of the abuse as a child. Thousands today happening in their own homes. Can understand why people do not want to hear it. It everywhere in society. Most of my friends were abused as children. Everyone knows someone that has been sexual abused as a child. Sensitive subject”

And the replies beneath it….eg

With respect this goes beyond the abuse . We are talking chrome / selling of children to p dos, then when the expires date arrives that child is sold in the form of orga ns.




One Response to “But I can’t talk about it….Richard Vobes”

  1. ian says:

    This is getting a lot of coverage just now. Perhaps a distraction ’til the World Government, CBDC, Passports, etc are ready. I do believe honestly, that those participating in these things are above the law. I mean the big guys. I don’t think child abuse on a domestic ordinary people level is too bad. It goes on yes, but it’s not so common. One rough arse from round here, he was in jail a few times, and his wife left him. He was having sex with his daughter, who apparently agreed not to say anything as long as he left her little sister alone. He didn’t, and consequently, she shopped him and he was jailed. I could imagine someone finding a 15 or 16 year old attractive but way off limits, but these people are doing whatever they do, with little kids too. If that isn’t blood boiling enough, the adrenochrome, and organ thing is psychologically damaging. They remove then alive without anaesthesia. Absolutely disturbing, thinking about it.