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Brian Berletic – Ukraine’s Offensive Suffering Heavy Losses, Azov Commanders Return

Update on the conflict in Ukraine for July 9, 2023:

– Ukraine’s offensive is headed toward week 6 – at one and a half months, Ukraine still has not breached any of Russia’s primary defense lines;

– The US and its allies are attempting to replace lost Ukrainian equipment amid the ongoing offensive;

– The US is sending an unspecified number of 155mm cluster munitions due to a shortage of 155mm artillery ammunition;

– The US is also sending additional 155mm artillery pieces as Ukraine suffers heavy losses of equipment amid its now 5 week-long offensive;

– The US is also sending additional Bradley and Stryker vehicles in its most recent assistance package;

– Ukraine’s Swedish-equipped brigade demonstrates how even before officially becoming a NATO member, Sweden is seamlessly complicit in NATO wars and proxy wars;

– Discussed “security guarantees” for Ukraine are simply ways of rephrasing existing support and another example of NATO weakness spun as “strength;”

– Western media hails Azov leaders’ return to Ukraine despite previous coverage of their extremist ideologies;


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