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“Boiled to Death” – Climate Loon’s Hysterical Lies Ridiculed By GB News

“You literally boil in your own sweat” – Because climate change LOL

Was this pitiful panic riddled zealot radicalised by the BBC’s propaganda ?

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It would seem that Chicken Licken got to see the King after all.

Cambridge Zero Director Professor Emily Shuckburgh, King Charles and Natural England Chair Tony Juniper have co-authored a new book on climate change written for children.

“A Ladybird Book: Climate Change” includes an Afterword in which The Prince Charles, the former Prince of Wales sets out a personal message to readers. (The Afterword was written last year, when His Majesty The King was still The Prince of Wales.)


Professor Emily Shuckburgh, a climate scientist for decades and director of the University’s Cambridge Zero climate change initiative said the book was written for today’s children who have only known a planet ravaged by climate change.

“This book explains what is happening, why it is happening and what we can all do about it,” Shuckburgh said.

“Children are our future, and this book is about their future. As a scientist who has studied the climate from pole-to-pole, and as a parent with two young daughters, I believe there is no more important issue to inform and educate young people about.”


When the first edition of the Ladybird Expert book on Climate Change was published in 2017, CO2 levels in the atmosphere were 405 parts per million (ppm), now they are 420 ppm. As a consequence, the impacts of climate change are becoming worse and we saw temperatures reach an incredible 40C in the UK last summer.

“This year is expected to be the 10th year in succession where global temperatures have reached at least 1°C above pre-industrial levels, further emphasising the urgent need for action.”


Eco warrior King Charles took two 112-mile helicopter trips in 24 hours to attend opening of new Africa centre in London where he talked about climate change