2 Responses to “BBC & MEDIA Make FOOLS Of The MASSES Again / Hugo Talks”

  1. ian says:

    Hugo talks. He certainly does. People want to know who the celebrity weirdo is, Hugo says, who cares. What about celebrity weirdo Saville. Who cares. He may well be correct about the reason for this latest crap, but who cares, not me Hugo, with your holier than thou attitude.

  2. The Watcher says:

    Agree with you there Ian. I submitted this post about 5 hours before it was real time posted but not from myself. I’ve called Hugo out on twitter before. The day after i initially called him out he immediately changed his whole site colour livery from the purple reign to what you see now, the inanimate blue sky. I take his musings with a pinch of salt despite how honest they appear. He’s been brought in to appeal to the rapture crew despite how honest he appears.

    Honestly he changed his whole livery once I pointed out it was the same purple as Ickonic and that Maajid Nawaz guy that was booted from LBC.

    Oh purple reign. The very same colour that adorned the airwaves when queen lizzy croaked it.

    I’m watching 😎