AV13 Update

We now have the speaker presentation titles on the AV website. More info and a full schedule will be posted in the coming days. Several Tap readers have booked tickets and it will be great to meet them at the event.

If you’re thinking of attending there’s still tickets available and time to book. Come meet the speakers, network, have lunch and share information vital to us all. AV is one of the UK’s premier alternative information conferences for truth seekers and inquiring minds.


Alternative View Media

We are a small but inspired media group dedicated to continuing the work of the late Ian R Crane and his vision of bringing together like-minded people to share views and information the mainstream would rather you didn’t have. Through the mediums of live stream online broadcasts and live event gatherings we continue Ian’s passion of discovering the truth about the realm we inhabit and the experience of reality we all share.

Primarily known for The Alternative View Conference we continually seek to grow, expand and improve our productions. We believe a shift in humanity is occurring and aim to bring alternative views and hard to find knowledge to the awakening and inquiring mind.

Join us on this journey. You are all most welcome.


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