FRAUD ALERT – Joe Biden lands in Britain with plan to strengthen UK-US ‘special relationship’

Editors Note :- Whilst slaughtering thousands and causing huge environmental damage these hypocrites similtaneously peddle their fraudulent economy destroying CO2 fearing quasi religious belief  system “to save the environment”

In a genuine representative democracy the public would be able to vote out these policies, Quisling Sunak and the gang would face opposition from Quisling Starmer and his gang yet in the UK Uniparty system they all dance to the same US Neocon tune.

The war in Ukraine is presented in fraudulent terms,  the CO2 claims and policies are fraudulent and so are any illusions of electoral choice the betrayed British public are presented with.

Net Zero – Same

War In Ukraine – Same

Looting The Economy To Enrich The Arms Industry – Same

Ceding Sovereignty to WHO – Same

Subservience to US/NATO – Same

Globalisim – Same

Tyranny Made in the USA


The US President is due to discuss climate change with King Charles during the quick stopover.


US President Joe Biden has arrived at Stansted Airport for his brief visit to the UK on his way to a NATO summit in Lithuania.

During the visit he will meet with Rishi Sunak and discuss climate change with King Charles, his first meeting with the monarch since he was crowned.

The president will travel to Downing Street on Monday to hold a low-key meeting with Sunak, their fifth in as many months.

The president will travel to Downing Street on Monday to hold a low-key meeting with Sunak, their fifth in as many months.

Mr Sunak’s spokesperson said their discussions would likely include the upcoming NATO summit and Ukraine.

In a statement released by his office on Saturday, Mr Sunak said: “As we face new and unprecedented challenges to our physical and economic security, our alliances are more important than ever.”

He added: “The UK is Europe’s leading NATO ally, we are the United States’ most important trade, defence and diplomatic partner, and we are at the forefront of providing Ukraine with the support they need to succeed on the battlefield.

Financial Secretary Victoria Atkins said the leaders would discuss Ukraine today (MON).

“We are trying to do what we can to support to Ukraine. Last year we spent £2.3billion in giving Ukraine help in all sorts of practical ways, including heavy artillery, tanks and so on and we will continue that this year.”

Ms Atkins added: “We are very pleased that President Biden is coming this week. It’s the fifth time the Prime Minister and President have met in five months, so the special relationship is very much still strong and secure.”

Labour’s Rachel Reeves said she was concerned about US plans to arm Ukraine with cluster munitions.

She said: “We all agree that Ukraine needs to be properly armed to fight Russia and their illegal invasion. But I am concerned about the use of cluster bombs, and it is not just the UK who has these concerns, other countries clearly do as well.

“So I would like to find a way to properly arm Ukraine but without using these weapons which can have an impact, not just on the battlefield that time, on that day, but for months and years afterwards.

“That is something that causes me deep concern, and many other people as well. While I support President Biden’s desire to ensure Ukraine is fully armed to fight Russia, I am not convinced that these are the appropriate weapons.”

Meanwhile, Mr Biden will also be meeting with King Charles, as well as leading financiers and philanthropists, in Windsor in a summit convened by Energy Secretary Grant Shapps and US special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry to drive green support in developing countries.

Mr Shapps said: “Finance is the lifeblood of growing economies. Billions has been spent so far to accelerate the green transition already underway, and the UK is delivering its £11.6billion of International Climate Finance to support countries around the world – but if we want to deliver real change, we must go further and do it together.

“The scale of this transition requires trillions in private investment in addition to the public funds we are spending.

“Today is about uniting with our US allies and key enablers, using this world-leading expertise for the benefit of not just our own economies but those that will be most affected by climate change impacts – updating The King and President on what we’re doing to set us all on a path to net zero and greater climate resilience by unlocking private investment.”



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