Amazing Polly

Delaine Haynes

Re The Sound of Freedom movie – have you seen Polly’s take on this movie. Interesting. She connects Jim Caviesal with Harley Pasternak


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Media added by sovereigntea 🙂

  2. Tapestry says:

    Like Farage on bank accounts, they let you know of their power to do whatever they want through controlled opposition.

    • FritzFreud says:

      The punishment of Nigel Farage is just the same as to razing the houses of Palestinians by the same Jewish Bankers.
      It is a Mind Control tactic in order to discourage people from disobeying the System.
      The Idea is not to punish Nigel Farage… it is to punish those who want to rise up against the System.
      MK Ultra.

      • Tapestry says:

        Will the secret controllers of humanity declare their existence at some point? Pierre Sabak writes that we always talk of Us and Them but what has not yet occurred to most people is the Us are human and the Them are not. His books are challenging to say the least. Not every word seems correct but the weight of evidence supporting his thesis seems persuasive. The very beginning of human life on earth was based on a surrender to a reptilian race which demands total subservience. If true the They are hoping to achieve their aims through technocracy and bringing humanity back under their total control. Is there anything we can do? As Robin Tilbrook always says, we must do what we can. Reform, Reclaim and Resist are all good, but not feasible if we stay inside the United Kingdom which is a key part of the world government structure. Only as England might we be able to re-establish some kind of human based structures like Common Law, the Rule Of Law, and the principles of the Enlightenment – John Locke and so on. The English Democrats are the only party capable of delivering independence from world government, based on a legalistic approach.

        • FritzFreud says:

          I have a slightly different Opinion based on my research and what I been through.
          The “Reptilian” agenda is not correct.
          It is a difficult subject because they have no physical Body.
          IMO we are genetically modified Dinosaurs.. Therapoda… mixed with the Genetics of them.
          This also means that we are held back and we are way more capable.
          All the problems in this world can be erased in a jiffy.
          But our so called “Rulers” are “possessed”… not by demons but by them who are capable of doing this.
          Therefore no one in power can be trusted.
          You see they “designed” us for a purpose.
          We outgrew our purpose and now they want to destroy us.
          Wrote about this here.

          Also if we can get into people’s heads that all we need is water as energy we can get away from their poisoning our mind and health.
          This is where my technology comes into it.
          If we can work together we can achieve great things.
          It is all there.
          I wrote about it here.
          It is a proposal on how to make a positive change.

          • uTapestry says:

            I guess the technically minded find technical solutions, lawyers look for better laws, politicins look for political solutions. We all have our own approaches, and we need to bring all together. The world was originally run based on human sacrifice. Judaeism permitted Abraham not to kill his first born son as long as he complied with God’s commands, and religion took over from ritual slaughter of humans by the reptilians. The question is are the reptilians intent on bringing back ritual slaughter and doing away with religion as the primary method of control? No technology will help us if that is the case. How can we fight a war against an enemy we cant see or identify? That would be the first job for technology. Point the camera the other way and identify who the demons are and where they are vulnerable.

            • FritzFreud says:

              Technology can be used to enhance the individual power.
              It can also be used to enslave us.
              On their Actions you shall Identify them.
              Again energy from water is the solution.
              The Government Bankers or Nanny state wants us to be dependent onto them.
              Using energy from water breaks the chain.
              Net Zero for example is a tool by them to enslave Humanity.
              ABSOLUTE ZERO EMISSIONS on the other hand is a technological advancement.
              This also means no CO² taxes.
              So in reality is is a win win situation for freedom.
              We take their power away.
              I don’t care who they are.
              Nobody controls me… and I certainly won’t allow anyone to enslave any other one.
              Whatever they plan… they need us to comply.
              Won’t happen.
              Not as long as I am alive.

              Individual Rights: The Authority of the self!

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                “Whatever they plan… they need us to comply.
                Won’t happen.
                Not as long as I am alive.”

                Nail on the head there Fritz

                Nor me, nor a good number of others I expect. All we need is a significant minority to refuse to comply and they are stuffed. See the covid/vaxx psyop

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                From your link:

                “Declaration of Individual Rights

                I am the sole authority over my self.
                I am the sole responsibility over my self.
                I am responsible for my own actions.
                I am responsible for my Future.
                Truth shall be my Guidance.

                Nobody shall have authority over my self but I
                No Person.
                No Government.
                No Company.
                Not by Force.
                Not by coercion.
                Not by threat.
                Not by Violence.
                I am born Free and I shall be until the day I die.

                No Government has Authority but I
                No Company has Authority but I
                Those who Lie have no Authority at all.

                I have the right of education to the best of my abilities.
                To live in peace without harming others or be harmed in any way.
                To live together in Harmony.
                To abide by the rules of Society not to kill and not to steal.
                To contribute to society in a meaningful way.
                To rid society from the demons that possess us.
                To advance Society in the best possible way in Harmony with Nature.
                To abide Natures Law.”

                Hear, hear!!