Abused The Untold Story – BBC Broadcast inc. Vile Pedophile Jimmy Saville

BBC – Buggering British Children.

Abuse took place at the BBC Saville being abuser and facilitator. Witness / Victim interview below.

Esther Rantzen hadn’t a clue ?


Dame Esther Rantzen (the daughter of Flora Leverson) and her friend Sir Jimmy Savile, who reportedly supplied children to the elite while being close friends with Israel.

Anonymous asks: “The Coleman Experience blog was shut down at the behest of Esther Rantzen?”

Some months ago, the BBC’s Esther Rantzen attacked Google for refusing to remove statements calling her a child abuser and a child killer.According to The Sun newspaper: Esther Rantzen slammed Google8th January 2017

“An anonymous website branded her a satanic child abuser who had buried dead babies in her garden, held drug-fuelled sex parties and covered up attacks on kids by celebs like Jimmy Savile.

“Google acted on her plea to cut the link only after she decided to expose their initial refusal in the national press.”



Daily Mail – Esther Rantzen: My shock over my MP lover’s links to Elm House paedophile ring

Esther Rantzen has spoken of her revulsion after learning that a former lover has been linked to the child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster.

The broadcaster and Childline founder had an affair with politician Sir Nicholas Fairbairn after they met at a BBC studio in 1966.

But Ms Rantzen has now distanced herself from the late Conservative MP and Solicitor General for Scotland – who died in 1995, aged 61.

‘I had absolutely no knowledge of that side of him. However, over the years I have learned that you really never know anyone.’

The former That’s Life presenter was 26 when she embarked on an affair with the married MP after he appeared as a guest on a BBC show where she was a researcher.

She said: ‘When I knew Nicky he was courteous, charming and very fond of women.

‘He was a high-profile lawyer, who lived in a castle and had a very flamboyant private life.’

‘He took me to lunch at the Ritz. He gave me a long-stemmed red rose and ordered Beluga caviar and Krug champagne.

Ex-lover: Sir Nicholas Fairbairn had links to paedophile politicians

‘If ever there was an aphrodisiac meal that was it. Nicky took to me to some Lord’s house where he was staying and the rest was inevitable.’

The presenter, who founded the world’s first child abuse hotline, Childline, in 1986, was appalled by the emergence of evidence which suggests that a powerful network of paedophiles may once have stalked the corridors of power.

Lists of VIP visitors to the Elm Guest House – which hosted parties in the 1980s where vulnerable boys were sexually assaulted after being plied with alcohol – are now being used by police as evidence in their Operation Fernbridge inquiry.

The documents, seen by the Mail on Sunday, state that politicians including ‘N Fairburn’ and ‘C Smith’ visited the property on June 7, 1982. They also state that ‘Fairburn’ had ‘used boys in sauna’ and that photos had been taken of him – as well as Cyril Smith – at the guest house.

Police have confirmed that Smith, the late Liberal MP for Rochdale, who has since been exposed as a serial abuser, was a regular visitor to the address.

Despite the spelling discrepancy there have now been calls for a full investigation which would establish whether Fairbairn was involved.

Sir Nicholas, who carried a brace of pistols on his hip and designed his own flamboyant tartan attire, was forced to resign as Solicitor General in 1982 over a decision not to prosecute in a rape case.



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  1. ian says:

    Brilliant Sov’. John Lydon or Johnny Rotten, really got to me. What a nice decent guy. Esther Rantzen, ? I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw her. The same guys behind the WHO, WEF, Epstein, Saville, et al. were just using blackmail as they always have. If they have video of you having sex with a child, they can control you or throw you under a bus if you cause problems. All political figures are controlled one way or another, or if you are a real problem, you can be Robin Cooked, or Rick Mayalled/ Jill Dando’d.

    I’m also of the opinion that TV, politics, Top ranking jobs, attract people who feel special and entitled, and they will be easiest to compromise. I went for a management job once, and was interviewed by the two big bosses. I was asked questions designed to find out if I was a mason. Ie how did you get here today, by train, car? ” in a manner somewhat similar” was the answer they were looking for. I said, ” By car, and I’m not in the masons”. I got the job BTW so it wasn’t so important. But why. We are surrounded by corruption and liars. I even have them in my relatives.