9/11 and the COVID-19 Hoax in the Transition to Governance by “Emergency Measures”

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First published on March 31, 2023


In the US Congress Senator Rand Paul proposed an amendment to drop the Emergency Measures provision that became law a week after the events of Sept. 11, 2001. 86 of the 100 Senators in the US Congress voted down Paul’s initiative to discontinue Public Law 107-40 22 years after it was invoked. The post-9/11 law “authorized the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.”

The blank check given by Congress in 2001 to the US Armed Forces and its Commander-In-Chief helped push along the agenda that put in 2019 the Department of Defence in charge of a biowar against humanity that is still underway.

The main weapon so far in this war is a military device still speciously presented to the public as pharmaceutical vaccines promoted as remedies for COVID-19.

Public Law 107-40 was pushed on the public in September of 2001 without any systematic investigation whatsoever of the crime scene and the range of possible culprits that might have had a hand in the debacle. The leap to take action in 2001 before proper investigations could take place was re-enacted in the COVID-19 Hoax.

Within less than a month following 9/11, the US Armed Forces touched down in Afghanistan, where it went to war primarily to implement regime change.

Then in 2020-21 a supposed remedy was rushed into production and then jabbed into the arms of  several billion humans. These experimental jabs were pushed into blood veins before proper tests had taken place and without the application of quality controls.

This approach of taking action first and leaving investigations to later, is apparently becoming an essential aspect of the new normal. Even in the increasingly dysfunctional criminal justice system, where the core legal principle has required the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven, the old rules seem no longer to apply . Usually the old rule is invoked only to provide further protections to the powerful in order to make them even more invulnerable to the recriminations of whistle blowers, investigative journalists and such.

9/11 used as a Trojan Horse

The official story providing cover for the false flag operation known as 9/11 is composed of outrageous lies and deceptions every bit as obvious to genuine truth-seekers as the complex of COVID scams facilitating the massive power grab presently underway.

The misrepresented events of the 9/11 fiasco ushered in an elaborate continuing complex of “emergency measures” designed to concentrate arbitrary executive authority while sidelining the rule of law, constitutional protections, checks and balances etc etc etc. Hence the 9/11 scam has a huge part in laying the psychological and pseudo-law foundations of our current dilemma in the Everything Crisis emerging from the manufactured COVID crisis.

While the exploitation of Emergency Measures provisions to advance power grabs and dubious policy objectives is nothing new in history, the public hysteria generated especially by the pulverization of the three World Trade Center Towers in Manhattan opened the door to new frontiers skulduggery. The prevailing sense of panic and insecurity was quickly harnessed to justify heightened police-state activity, military invasions as well as the virtual declaration of martial law domestically.

The speed of the government’s transitions to a war-time footing in 2001 was remarkable.

These transitions include the near-instant US invasion of Afghanistan, the fast release and ratification of the massive Patriot Act, and the speedy re-engineering of airports to advertise the transformation of rights-bearing citizens into terror suspects.

All these examples are highly suggestive of insider preparation for the events of 9/11 before they actually took place. The evidence points to prior knowledge and preparation by the real instigators of 9/11 in much the same fashion that Event 201 in October of 2019 signalled the identity of the pivotal organizers responsible for the false flag pandemic to come.

The fact that the US Senate is still unwilling to suspend the first Emergency Measure of 9/11 is instructive. Beginning in early 2020, the resort to the pseudo-laws enacted by Emergency Measures is still operative in many countries and at the different levels of jurisdiction these countries contain. Especially with the mandating of the military countermeasures disguised as vaccines, the Emergency Measures approach was absorbed into the governance of, for instance, hospitals, schools, corporations, trade unions, professional associations, and such.

The pharmaceutical industry claimed the indemnifications flowing from the Emergency Use Authorizations adopted by the governments of most of the world’s countries. In Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Canadian version of martial law with his government’s invocation of yet another Emergency Act. Trudeau used his new powers to order Canadian banks to seize the accounts of his most effective political opposition, namely members and supporters of the Truckers Freedom Convoy movement.

The Continuing Lies and Protected Crimes of the 9/11 Culprits

There is a large body of well-documented literature that illustrates that there is not one aspect of the officially-sanctioned 9/11 myth that corresponds with public-domain evidence shedding light on what really occurred. Prof David Ray Griffin‘s 11 books on various aspects of the 9/11 crimes form an excellent entry point into the evidence-based case substantiating the conclusion that the official story of 9/11 is insulting hogwash for dummies.

The 9/11 simulation that went live can be seen as deadly performance art created to prepare the ground of public opinion for mass murder of civilians especially in Muslim-majority countries. The theatrical production was designed by its producers to popularize hatred of Muslims, Persians, Arabs and especially Palestinians. Like the analytic 9/11 books authored by, for instance, Zwicker, Bollyn, Tarpley, Macqueen and Meyssan, the scholarly tomes of DRG illuminate rather than obfuscate the events of 9/11.

The brain trust of the 9/11 Truth movement directed their investigations in ways that pointed away from the crude and outlandish frauds presented by Philip Zelikow as well as by other leading agents and operatives of the Bush-Cheney White House. Prof. Zelikow is the real architect and author of the Bush administration’s study aimed at covering up the truth of what really happened on 9/11. In this respect the Zelikow Commission on 9/11 is similar to the Warren Commission that studied the murder of John F. Kennedy. Both inquiries were created to hide rather than illuminate the truth of what had really transpired.

Professor Zelikow was a White House insider whose research field involved the study of popular myths such as those required to induce masses of people to hate Muslims and love the idea of a Bush-led War on Terror. The persistence of the 9/11 cover-up, even in the face of the large body of expert interpretation exposing the extent of the 9/11 lies and crimes, has been enormously influential in landing us in our present pickle. The ongoing rein of the Big Lie of 9/11 demonstrates to the top culprits, their accomplices, and their circles of friends that, with the support of well-orchestrated collaboration between government and media, powerful saboteurs of civil society can get away with enormous world-transforming crimes.

The crimes can be made to seem like they have disappeared into thin air as long as the dozy silent majority remains under the spell of thoroughly corrupt media venues that uniformly present 9/11 fantasies as the stuff of genuine history. Concocted but real horror was engineered in the elaborate psy op of 9/11. A main aim in traumatizing the public was to mobilize the political currency of mass fear on the eve of repeated invasions of Muslim-majority countries throughout the Middle East.

Clearly the top perpetrators of the COVID hoaxes are making headway towards more bio-digital control over the survivors of the injected bio-agents of depopulation. Twenty-two years after 9/11, the main COVID criminals are equipped with much evidence-based knowledge exposing the stupidity and/or corruption of the vast majority of opinion makers in the so-called “West” and its global extensions.

It seems there is a lot of overlap and cooperation between the different centres of power that, so far at least, have not faced legal accountability for the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, and the still-unfolding Crimes Against Humanity facilitated by the masses of lies that converge in the COVID crisis. The scale of the murder and mayhem exploited by the consistently empowered perpetrators seems to grow exponentially with each event. What next?

9/11, Fauci and and the Harm Done by AZT and the mRNA injections Inducing Genetic Modification

In his celebrated book, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presents a powerful case that the fraud and abuse swirling around the role of Anthony Fauci in the HIV/AIDS/AZT fiasco during the final years of the twentieth century offers a key to understanding the current COVID-19 Hoax. While Dick Cheney was the key hands-on operative in the false flag saga on the day of 9/11, Anthony Fauci performed a similar function in the medical false flag initiating the Everything Crisis currently engulfing us.

Clearly Robert Kennedy has drawn heavily on the investigative work of Celia Farber in developing his own understanding of Fauci’s role as the inside federal operative for the gay community that welcomed the false remedy of AZT. As time passed it became increasingly clear that AZT was extremely toxic and deadly. The similarities are uncanny between Fauci’s role in steering around proper testing of AZT and his role in avoiding proper testing of the mRNA procedures for genetic modification. In both instances the purpose of the supposed remedies seem unrelated to the goal of stopping transmissions of viral infections.

Fauci’s role as a covert agent of the USA’s military bioterrorism establishment leads back to the operations directed by Dick Cheney following the misrepresented events of 9/11. This history must be further unpacked as a key facet in the phenomena that many of the world’s countries have become homes for bioterrorist governments that conduct biowarfare on their own people.

The failure so far of conscientious citizens to obtain some accountability for the COVID-19 Hoax has significant roots in our failure to come to some sort of societal reckoning with the audacious lies and crimes of 9/11.


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Dr. Anthony Hall is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image is from Children’s Health Defense