Farage and cash businesses denied by banks should switch to silver.

Ken Clarke also having trouble with a bank?

Coutts reveal Farage’s private details.  Cash receiving businesses are being blocked from banking and are having to close.

Why don’t they simply buy silver and set up their own banking of metal?  Not too much gold.  That’s too valuable and brings in the crooks.  Silver can be spread around and hidden from view and spent when necessary either as metal (hallmarked) preferably, or by converting to cash or asking a dealer to electronically transfer funds to where they are needed.  At least it’s an alternative pathway which can be worked on.

The Teds are talking about silver bullion to act as money as it did for 8000 years on www.englandcalling.co.uk

Remove the metal from VAT and from CGT.  Only newly made silver has VAT, and some dealers will gold convert (VAT free).  As this is getting urgent we need to work on cash alternatives and banking alternatives.