13 Nations agree to engineer global FAMINE by destroying agriculture, saying that producing food is BAD for the planet

We are now being told that producing food is bad for the planet. To “save” the planet, globalists insist, farms must be shut down across the globe.

Under the guise of reducing “methane emissions,” thirteen nations have signed a pledge to engineer global famine by gutting agricultural production and shutting down farms. Announced earlier this year by the Global Methane Hub — a cabal of crisis engineers who exploit public panic to destroy the world food supply — those thirteen nations are:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Panama, Peru, Spain, the United States, and Uruguay.

Imagine no meat production from Australia, Brazil and the USA. This is the goal of the globalists. And they admit it’s all part of the climate fraud which has been thoroughly exposed as a quack science hoax, by the way. As Luis Planas, Spain’s Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food says, “I am glad to see the shared commitment by the international community to mitigate methane emissions from agriculture as a means to achieve the goals we signed for in the Paris Agreement on climate.”

“Food systems are responsible for 60% of methane emissions,” warns Marcelo Mena, CEO of the Global Methane Hub. She is saying that farming is destroying the planet. Hence, their demand to shut down farms. Without farms, you have no food. And without food, you get exactly what Kamala Harris called for over the weekend: “Reduced population.”

The depopulation agenda is no longer even a secret. They are bragging about it.

And here’s their logic: FOOD = GLOBAL WARMING. So they are attacking food and shutting it down.

Cows and chickens to be replaced by crickets and insect larvae

Enjoy the crunchy fake meat patties and Cricket McNuggets. Soon, you’ll be eating bugs because meat will be wildly unaffordable due to the governments shutting down farms and ranches. As journalist Leo Hohmann explains:

We can presume from this language that among the practices being considered are replacing a major portion of the beef and dairy cattle, pork and chicken stocks that populations rely on for protein with insect larvae, meal worms, crickets, etc. The U.N., World Economic Forum and other NGOs have been promoting meatless diets and the consumption of insect protein for years, and billionaires have invested in massive insect factories being built in the state of Illinois, in Canada and in the Netherlands, where meal worms, crickets and other bugs will be processed as additives to be inserted into the food supply, often without clear labels that will inform people of exactly what they are eating.

Hohmann also refers to the Deagel forecast which projects an almost 70 percent reduction of the U.S. population by 2025, saying:

There is no more efficient way to depopulate than through war, famine and plagues. Isn’t it interesting that all three of these time-tested methods of murder are in play right now?

In a related story, Michael Snyder from The Economic Collapse Blog writes:

Global food supplies just keep getting even tighter, and global hunger has risen to extremely alarming levels… According to the United Nations, nearly 30 percent of the global population does not have constant access to food right now, and there are approximately 900 million people that are facing “severe food insecurity”…

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  1. FritzFreud says:

    One can always make a choice.
    I did.
    I set aside everything and created something that should be on the title of every publication.
    Yet I am condemned to make a few comments here or there.
    And of course my substack.
    What good is it when you create the most Important Invention yet everyone ignores you?
    This is exactly what happened to Nikola Tesla 100 years ago.
    This is what is happening now.
    This is not acceptable.
    I want to be heard and I will do whatever it takes to be heard.
    Even if it is for now to be condemned to make a few comments here and there.
    You cannot stop the Future.
    And I never forgive.
    And I never forget.

    • ian says:

      Hi Mr Fraud, You seem to be unburdened by false modesty, at least going by your comments. Please feel free to publicise your inventions as you see fit, but I’d suggest that here might not be your best outlet.

      • ian says:

        PS, if it would cost the big guys money, I’d look out if I were you.

        • FritzFreud says:

          You call me a Fraud Mr. thick skin?
          And yes it costs the big guy big money and they lose big power.
          I don’t need to watch out… I can deal with anything.
          However I am looking for people who can fight… and have brains.
          Do you fit into this category?
          You know nothing about me.
          Which is a shame coz you could learn something.

          • ian says:

            Very possibly.
            I was winding you up. I am always up for learning, but you seem very in your face which isn’t a good PR image, hence me being a lippy old git. If you calm down, and get off your high horse, people might find you more approachable. As I said though, a News website might not be the best place to sell your wares. I wish you luck though.