Win. Win. Crash.

Bank of England sues Ian Wright for what he said on live TV (

Actually they did.  To publicise artificial intelligence and sucker everyone into believing they can get rich quick using it.  The system works until enough are in the net, then the crash comes.  Age old, guaranteed outcome.  The rich and powerful only stay rich and powerful by destroying the wealth of everyone else.  This is how they do it.

Bank of England sues Ian Wright for what he said on live TV

The scandal erupted during a live broadcast when Ian Wright accidentally revealed his secret on the program. Many viewers paid attention to Ian’s “accidental” words and began to send messages to the airwaves. However, the program was interrupted by a call from the Bank of England, who demanded that the program be stopped immediately.

Fortunately, we were able to convince the director of the “Graham Norton Show” to give us a copy of the recording of this broadcast. If you have had time to read this article, keep in mind that it may soon be deleted, as happened with the telecast. Therefore, if you were lucky enough to read this article, you should rather check out the link provided to us by Ian Wright himself.

Deleted interview with Ian Wright, whom all banks fear

Ian Wright: “I will tell you this: to be rich, you do not have to work at all. So, when you realize this concept, you will begin to associate yourself with money more easily”.
Graham Norton: “It’s easy to say when you are already rich and famous. However, what about everyone else who has to suffer every day at work to feed their families. You know what? There is never enough money anyway”.
Ian Wright: “You think I do not work enough? Or that I was not once as poor as most Britons? Darn right, if I had to live on one salary only, I would never have become a millionaire. Every time when someone tells me that I was just lucky, I laugh at their faces, because today the Internet literally offers you to get rich without getting up from the couch”.
Graham Norton: “You want to say that there is a way you can earn money and it works for everyone? Sounds unbelievable…”
It was noticeable that Ian Wright became enraged after this phrase. He started arguing with the host and accidentally revealed the loophole that makes him rich.
Ian Wright: “If you do not believe me I will prove you are wrong. Just give me £250 and with this platform Qumas AI I will make a million in just 12-15 weeks!”
Graham Norton: “Oh, I have heard that there is a program that uses artificial intelligence to trade cryptocurrencies. Now everyone who watches us knows what it is called”.
Ian Wright: “I am ready to pay £20,000 right now if you cut this off. I did not want to say it. Just cut it off the air”.
Graham Norton: “Just a reminder, we are on LIVE. All our viewers have heard that you are getting rich on the Qumas AI platform. You already spilled it out. Tell us, ordinary Britons, how we can earn money the same way as you. Or rather, do millionaires not care about common people?”.
Ian Wright: “Do not say it like I am savage. Of course I will tell you how to make money. First of all, give me your phone and let me invest £250”.
Graham Norton handed over his phone to Ian Wright, after which Ian signed up for the project using this link. After 5 minutes, Ian returned phone.
Ian Wright: “I just signed you up for Qumas AI on your phone. This platform is a 100% perfect solution for those who want to get rich quickly. It is based on a self-learning artificial intelligence that trades cryptocurrency instead of you. You do not have to do anything. That is, you do not need to understand how bitcoin or other digital currency works. This program determines the perfect time to buy and sell assets and conclude transactions on its own. The advantage is that you do not need to do anything at all. Just make a minimum deposit so you can trade money and the program will work itself. I do not only recommend it. I insist that every Briton should use this platform. Then, you will forget once and for all that you need to work”.
Graham Norton: “Sounds really good and legit. However, how much can you really earn on this?”
Ian Wright: “Remember that around 20 minutes ago I took your phone, registered on this platform and made the minimum deposit I mentioned before, which is only £250. Now open the application and see for yourself how much you could earn in such a short time”.

Bank of England sues Ian Wright for what he said on live TV (

Graham Norton opened his personal account in the Qumas AI platform and was amazed. In just 20 minutes, the program made 3 trades: 1 of them were insignificant, but the remaining 2 were successful and brought a good profit in. The balance increased from £250 to 297.
Ian Wright: “Now, tell me honestly, how much did you earn in those 20 minutes?”
Graham Norton: “£47 net profit. It’s unbelievable!”
TAP –  No.  It’s not.  It’s the usual thing.  Get suckered now.  If you want to.  But be ready to lose all you put in 100% after a couple of wins.  They also want you to trust AI and merge your life with it.  Hold back.  It’s a double trap – financial and personal.

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  1. ian says:

    Yes indeed Tap, just like the peas under a cup trick. A stooge wins three times on the trot, then when Joe public takes the bait, it’s lose lose.