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Why does Moscow hate the war-winning Wagners?

⚡️📣So WT f. Wagner went into Rostov Russia with tanks. Facts are there are Wagner is not in 100% control of the city as the Russian Army troop and Tanks are still there. Seems no fighting between the two there but both on guard. City is closed. Putin is to address Russia very soon. Oh and the Russian government has introduced the counterterrorism operation in Moscow city and region.

Patrick Lancaster1 hour ago
Putin addressing Russia now calling Prigozhin’s(head of Wagner) actions a betrayal He is calling for “unity, consolidation and responsibility.” Vladimir Putin:” Our actions to protect the Motherland from such a threat will be tough.” Vladimir Putin: We will not let the civil war happen again, we will protect our people and statehood.

Patrick Lancaster

The only reason Moscow fears winning the war must be that Moscow is penetrated by NATO sympathising agents at the highest level.  The power of money and greed is in control of Moscow not patriotism  TAP