Who or what is TED on the England flag?

You see this going round locally.  What does TED mean?

To find out more go to England Calling at www.englandcalling.co.uk

Here is the kind of content you will find there.


This is the campaign hub of the English Democrats.

You can find out more about the party here, get an idea of who we are and how we are going to change our world.

The Party’s founder is Robin Tilbrook, top solicitor and legal campaigner, whose aim is to bring about nothing less than England’s independence from the United Kingdom. The UK has progressively signed away the rights of English people to unaccountable world government bodies such as the UN, the WHO and the WEF, not to mention the EU. Brexit has not been completed and it needs looking at again. Our country has been sold on by successive governments to powerful interests who care nothing for our people.

The only way to re-establish England and the rights of English people, is to take back our country.

This can come about in the following manner.

Our rights as English people were guaranteed to us in the Act Of Union in 1707, and legally the United Kngdom and Great Britain have broken the agreements and promises made, rendering the Union liable to be nullified through legal challenge.
However there will not be a judge willing to order the re-establishment of England and English Independence, whatever the legal rights and wrongs of the case.

Politically there will have to be a referendum, funded with public money with two sides battling to win – a YES and a NO vote, or IN versus OUT. And the vote must be won, despite all the big money placed to keep England locked inside the restraints of the UK and its subservience to world government bodies.

The campaign for English Independence must first win a referendum.

This will happen once enough people demand it by voting for a party that demands a referendum for England to leave the UK – there is only one and here you are. Nice to meet you! If you value freedom above all else, and you want the possibility of our children leading full and free lives as we used to know not many years ago, without illegal lockdowns, health mandates, without woke agendas, endless wars, inflation, debt and corruption, not to mention confiscatory taxes and deprived of ready cash, then this is how it will be done.

As the English Democrats (call us ‘The Teds’) deliver this message to England, and England’s people back the demand to be free, the big parties will either promise a referendum or face obliteration. Few channels will carry this message. Tell your friends. Hand out leaflets. Join us. Donate. The media is sold out to the same powerful interests who care nothing for us. We can only win back our rights if we do this ourselves.

Robin Tilbrook will also stop and reverse the subversion of our laws and legal system, which began in the 1990s when politicisation of the judiciary began. From 1997 judges have had to possess and demonstrate the ‘right’ political beliefs, applying the ‘woke’ agenda rather than the traditional laws of England, in order to be selected. We must bring back a system of justice based on Common Law, and a belief in human freedom.

The Teds have a full Manifesto covering all areas, which you can find on here, and a Constitution group which wishes to preserve the key elements of our Constitution and protect them by having them written down and encoded.

We wish to bring back control of the asylum system, which we passed to the European Union in the Nice Treaty in 1999. We wish to complete Brexit and especially bring back to our shores our own Defence, Policing and Asylum laws. The Manifesto covers a myriad of other issues.

The English Democrats are the only party campaigning for a Peace agenda, whereas all others want mobilisation of the armed forces and do not show any opposition to their deployment to other European countries, including Ukraine. We seek peace through negotiation and an end to the sanctions which are driving our living costs through the roof.

Brexit did not cause the sanctions against Russia blocking our supply of commodities, as many try to claim. The EU has driven the sanctions which are hurting our own people far more than they are hurting Russia.

Our biggest problem is that we no longer live in a law-based society. If we are to find our way back, and a way forward, just as lawyer Robert Franklin Kennedy Junior is standing for President in the United States Of America, so too is solicitor Robin Tilbrook currently the only prospect for England.

If we are to deliver our programme as described above, we need supporters, members, donors, branches and activists. Can you help?

The Teds have great strength in the legal field. We need to add to that. We need a dynamic programme of new branches,and activists to get our message out. Our campaign is ready. We need foot soldiers, dedicated individuals who believe in what is right and who refuse to accept anything less. And we need cash.

I discovered Robin Tilbrook and the Teds during the lockdown. Previously I had given up on mainstream politics, and thought that all hope of a better future was lost. Our customers were being made to close their shops and needed help to enable their livelihoods to survive. I sought Robin’s advice, which he readily gave, and many were able to reopen and get around the bullying and legally incorrect enforcement of the pandemic measures. From that moment I recognised that here is a politician and a party that must be supported. There is no one else in the field of politics who has the qualities, the ability and the broad knowledge that is required to unravel the work of the powerful and destructive forces who are besetting us.

I ask you to join us now and help build a political force that cannot be ignored by those who seek our destruction as a free people. England is at last calling. Don’t look the other way. With your help and support we can be a free people once more.

Henry Curteis
Call me on 01743 231647


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6 Responses to “Who or what is TED on the England flag?”

  1. NPP says:

    Sell flags!

  2. Tapestry says:

    website should be live tomorrow pm.

  3. Tapestry says:

    www,englandcalling.co.uk is live – report back if any ideas. Only just starting so will have daily improvements and additions from hereon.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Typo in the introduction:

      “Our rights as English people were guaranteed to us in the Act Of Union in 1707, and legally the United Kngdom …..”

      A good start Henry

      Good luck, you are going to need it. The chances of securing a referendum must seem very slim right now. Given the current high level of indifference with British politics then, you’ve got a massive first fence to climb to get enough support for that

      You will surely not be helped by the fact that the whole sorry bunch at Westminster and Holyrood are effectively just different faces, for what I call “The One Party”. That is clear to many now, and they are tuned out as a result. So how will you convince them that you are different? It will surely need more than just campaign words

      ps DuckDuckGo sent me here when I pasted your address in their search:

      Second on their list was:
      ie not the home page

      Still some tweaking by the looks

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Pete. very useful research. It takes a week or two for the search engine crawlers to find a new site.
    Yes the task is not easy, but I remember the total indifference to the EU in the late 1990s. Yet by 2000 the main parties were forced to move away from the Euro and by 2003 put it into the long grass. St Jude is on call, and it is amazing how people work. They first reject a proposal, then forget that it’s new and then adopt it as their own idea.