Where are Medvedev and Surovikin since the Wagner attack on Moscow?

Medvedev’s plane flew to Oman.  Was he with his plane?  What about Surovikin and Gerasimov?

It looks like the sold out NATO fifth column in Moscow won the coup,  Shoigu has been seen around untouched – the declared target of Pregozhin.  If Medvedev, Gerasimov (blamed for not mobilising the army to meet Pregozhin)  and Surovikin (head of the air force) had to flee as well as Pregozhin, the main patriot leadership and best commanders in Russia have left the country (Pregozhin’s gone to Belarus).  See last part of the video.  After 2.50


Under the pretext of ‘inactive suppression of the insurgency’, a purge began in MoD.

Those responsible for controversial combat training, mobilisation and operational activities were put under the radar.

All of them are from the entourage of Gerasimov, who is being questioned and criticised because of them.

Yes, under this pretext many will be cleaned up, including those who openly supported Prigozhin (we do not rule out that this will also affect Alekseev and Surovikin).

If a forest is cut, wood splinters fly.

Itapirkanmaa216 minutes ago
“The Real Results of Prigozhin’s “Justice March”
TAP – Russia is losing its best generals (Surovikin, Pregozhin) in favour of snakes in the grass who do NATO’s bidding in Moscow.

Earlier report on attack on Kramatorsk receives different interpretation in alternative media to the one on skynews above.

Russian strike targeted NATO-Ukrainian deployment point at a hotel in Kramatorsk… https://youtu.be/7RmKqu6gMz8
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  1. Tapestry says:

    Alex Christoforou on youtube clearly thinks Kramatorsk attack to be a Ukrainian false flag.