Westminster Must Go.

Stop The Sell-Out To World Government
Westminster Must Go
The English Democrats Give Notice To Quit
We Demand A Referendum on July 12th 2027
England’s 1100th birthday

TED Campaign Hub – www.englandcalling.co.uk

A campaign needs an objective. We have one. The withdrawal of England from the United Kingdom.

A campaign needs a clearly defined opponent and a great evil that must be defeated. Westminster is causing largescale unnecessary warfare and is in full support of the Washington Neocons in their attempt to rule the world, including all the main political parties. England and the other peoples of the British Isles are being betrayed. It is not in our interests to bring largescale war to the planet, and permit the complete corruption of the medical and pharmaceutical industries inter alia.

The political class will never stop. They’ve given up the pretence of acting in our interests, and it is time we stopped tacitly supporting them.

It’s as simple as that.

The issues are stark. The English Democrats are the only political party that has a concrete solution rather than the forlorn hope of some reform or a reclaim. There is only one reclaim worth a dime, and that is to reclaim our country. The Union between the countries of the British Isles has been at the forefront of war promotion, surging debt, inflation and hyperinflation since the very beginning – and now the corruption is simply off the scale. The UK runs in the interests of the powerful not of the ordinary people. If we carry on saying little and doing nothing, from here we are on a rapidly descending slope. So let’s act.

If you would like to be a part of the campaign to reclaim our country and thereby nullify the connections made by the UK to follow the edicts of world government, the UN, the WEF, the WHO and many other alphabet soups created in the last seventy odd years, then you are welcome to join. Brexit will never be completed by Westminster. It’s all theatre. Let’s finish that job too.

That means joining the English Democrats or donating, or becoming active in leafleting. For some it will mean standing in elections, and building a local branch. For campaigning right now, we have car flags, badges, posters and all the paraphernalia to campaign and push out the message. I even dress up in a Ted (TED stand for The English Democrats) outfit and hold up a placard as a great way to get peoples’ curiosity. Each of us has their own way of working, but the more of us who get out there, leaflet and campaign, the sooner the job will get done. Are you with us? England is Calling. It’s only we the people who can save her.

Upon joining you will be sent a key fob, membership card (credit card size), plus two Independence badges.

All members can attend conference and AGM (two weekend) events. Gold members can attend black tie dinner on conference and AGM eve, addressed by Party leader, and a topic speaker.

There is a calendar of TED events, and email bulletins giving updates on political events.

The website launched yesterday. Take a look. www.englandcalling.co.uk

England Needs You!

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