Were Prigozhin’s children put under threat?


No military forces were stopping Pregozhin.  He was a hundred miles from Moscow – 2 or 3 hours when he suddenly stopped his operation to clear out the Defense Ministry.  He didn’t criticise Putin and he made it clear that the Head Of the Defence Ministry Shoigu was the person he wanted to get out of office and insert someone who supplied the ammunition that his forces needed, effectively a coup d’etat of the military but not of the government. Yet all media keep repeating that Pregozhin was targeting Putin.  The fact that no other military stopped the Wagners shows that they two have had enough of the Defence Ministry.

In WW2 German forces were convinced Berlin was doing all it could to prevent a German victory and they attempted to throw out the regime.  See the movie Valkyrie to get the idea.

General Patton also was convinced that he had been prevented from winning the war on multiple occasions in 1944.  The higher cabal that runs wars (bankers) have a plan and a timescale before the war starts as to the result they want.  If any forces start winning quicker than intended, they find themselves cut off like the Wagners.  The Intelligence Services move in if there are any attempts at a coup from the frustrated soldiers and generals whose men are being needlessly killed.  Rommel was made to commit suicide for being a suspect in an attempt to have the Hitler regime removed, for example.  The Intelligence Services don’t work for their own countries but for the banking cabal that is running the war.  James Bond is a myth and his kind do not exist….they call them the jackals and they kill not for their country but for the Satanic Cult that rules the world.

Pregozhin like the others mentioned, is a national hero, but an enemy of the higher cabal that runs the war, with Moscow firmly in its grip.


2 Responses to “Were Prigozhin’s children put under threat?”

  1. ian says:

    Excellent, and likely what happened.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I don’t trust this channel Ian but there is nothing much else coming out as fear grips the Russian patriots after the failed coup. The mutiny was caused by endless goading of one kind or another showing the mutiny was deliberately provoked. The Wagners were cut off by the MoD at Bakhmut but still managed to take the city by capturing weapons and ammo. This threw out the war plans of the banking cabal that runs the war from behind the scenes. They want the Russian patriots crushed.