Wagners convoy heading to Moscow. Why risk all? There must be a reason.

The coup is developing, and a convoy is heading to Moscow to deal with Shoigu.  Prigozhin is calling for more troops to support him.  He promises to go on the offensive as soon as the Russian Federation command is sorted out.  The Russian Defense Ministry. is taking the threat very seriously appealing to the Wagners to throw in the towel.  Putin is condemning the Wagners..   (TAP) yet are they actually his best hope of survival with the West hoping to replace Putin?  Do the Wagners have a plan to ‘capture’ Putin before the West pushes him out?  Putin will need to play his cards very carefully.

Prigozhin tried to talk to the Defence Minister but no one would talk to him at Head Office.   He says the fate of the motherland is at stake and the Wagners cannot tolerate the total lack of support for their victories in Donbass.  The Wagners are located in the Southern Area Military Headquarters in Rostov On Don.  There is no fighting yet as the Defence Ministry tries to persuade the Wagners to back down.

The SMO otherwise is continuing as usual.  Prigozhin was met by the Deputy Chief Of Staff at Rostov.

The three helicopters that were shot down by Wagners travelling on the way to Moscow, where the government has blocked the main routes into the city.  The Russian air force attacked the M4 highway, and there was firing.  The convoy has air defence capability.  Some vehicles are burning on the highway after the air strike from the helicopters.  The Wagners have captured Buturlinovka which has a key airbase on the way to Moscow.  Wagner might send their planes to this base.

Wagners fought Russian troops at Rogachevka on their advance.  A lot of misinformation in the main media.  Old video footage being used.  Wagner tanks are in Lipetsk region travelling along the M4.  The M4 is closed nearer Moscow.  Russian forces are deployed behind the road blocks.  Moscow is taking security measures and all roads heading south are blocked.

The situation in Donbas is also developing.

Wyatt is highly critical of Wagners but does he actually understand that the Russian side is penetrated by pro-western banking elites?  Prigozhin is a very intelligent man and would not be taking so many risks if he wasn’t sure it was necessary.  He’s seen too many of his men killed by non-supply of ammunition from the Russian Defence Ministry, and he knows the war will be lost unless he can secure Putin’s position and the patriots in Moscow.  Victoria Nuland says that the western strategy is to run a coup against Putin, and that would be the end of Russian resistance against US/NATO.