Wagners abandon their heavy weapons in Russia and move to Belarus


Despite the statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the transfer of heavy equipment, yesterday PMC convoys completed the march to #Belarus with all the equipment. The remnants not involved in the march will indeed be transferred to the RF Armed Forces. itapirkanmaa2 on yt

Pregozhin can hardly turn on Moscow’s banking fifth column again from Belarus.  The Ukrainians can breathe easy with Russia’s most effective fighters out of the war, for the time being.

It seems like the banking cabal is in shock after Pregozhin’s coup attempt, and are rushing to get a peace treaty signed, in case any more coup attempts are made against the bankers’ cabal in Moscow.  Russia’s patriotic diplomats at the UN are being flown home, no doubt to be replaced with fifth columnists who will sell out Donbas and the Russians in Crimea.  If only Russia’s army understood who their real enemies were.  They are not Ukrainians, but the globalist bankers in control of Moscow.

The main war for Russians is not with Ukraine but with Moscow.

The banking cabal is in control there, and they are protected by the Intelligence Services.

Prigozhin really scared the hell out of the bankers last week, as if they hold Moscow they know they can sabotage Russian war efforts as required. But if the Russian Army had supported Prigozhin, and got rid of the fifth column, NATO would soon have lost the war.

Charles wants to launch the next pandemic or climate crisis with worldwide lockdown in September, and he needs the war over.  He announced at the coronation, he would pause for a couple of months. They don’t want any more Prigozhin threatening their control of world events, and they’re rushing to make peace as soon as they can.  The sell-out of Russia begins.

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2 Responses to “Wagners abandon their heavy weapons in Russia and move to Belarus”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Maybe Pregozhin was goaded into his mutiny deliberately. Suspicion is being used to break Russian morale and the war effort. It feels like the movie Valkyrie is playing out. All very sad to watch.

  2. danceaway says:

    I feel ‘sad’ is a classic understatement, TAP. We are watching a tragedy unfold.