Ungrate Britain. Split The Union. We are England, and must stand alone.

My ancestor Colonel John Jones was a regicide. He lived in the house where I grew up where the attic was full of rusting swords, long bows and even a cat and nine tails left over from the Civil War era. He fought many battles and took the surrender of Royalist Wales with Brereton of Chester. He commanded the English army in Ireland. He married Katherine, Oliver Cromwell’s sister. His papers were in my father’s desk throughout our childhood but somehow they disappeared. He believed the Devil resided in the Vatican and wished to stop Catholicism from returning to England. No doubt armed and funded by the Jews, the Parliamentarians were deceived into believing they were fighting for democracy and they thought they were heading off the Catholics. They won the war for Parliament, but were superseded by the bankers (Jews) who closed Parliament, burned down the City in 1666, and set up the Bank Of England, later putting England into a Union with Scotland. The regicides were not acting to bring in the Jewish bankers (the Orange Order) intentionally. John Jones was arrested in London strolling unaware of the danger he was in when the system of royalty struck back. He was hung drawn and quartered.

    • newensign says:

      You have some interesting relatives Tap! Even back in those days the public were never given the real reason for going to war and murdering the King, which was disguised as a religious matter to make him the fall guy to enable them to seize control of the money supply and control of the nation. As one great man said 92% of winning the battle is knowing who the real enemy is and the other 8% who you are!!!

      • Indeed Newensign. Had England reverted into the Roman camp and the Orange Order been kept out, the modern world would not have emerged – the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and all we now see, the freedoms we have experienced. In every case however we are always dealing with different heads of the same snake. The enemy can only be pushed back but not defeated. At that moment the likes of John Jones decided to drive out the Vatican from our shores, and save England from the worst of evil that was visible to them. England must be released once more from another evil regimen, with far worse intended repression than was the practice of the Papists. The use of technocracy places all power to the centre into very few completely evil hands. We must undo the Act of Union from 1707 which merged Scotland and England by guaranteeing our rights – read section 4. The Union has been nullified by the breach of the Union’s terms and all treaties made by the now defunct body. Join The Teds. England must again skewer the snake, or be lost forever.

  1. ian says:

    It’s amazing to me at least that we have Henry, who is so connected to English history. Wonderful stuff. I really hope that you can get England back Henry with the TEDs. I would be delighted to have such a background.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Ian. No other political party does history. The Teds are the only ones who can unravel the ropes placed all around us over centuries.  We need to forget Great Britain (a geographical term), and disunite the so-called united kingdom allowing our true country England to re-emerge.  Founded in 927 AD, the oldest country in the world, with, not long ago, the fairest system of law, the country that started the Enlightenment, and the industrial revolution and created the modern world.  The UK is in control of private bankers, who made us into a colony to be exploited to serve the interests of the bankers and foster their wars crushing and killing  peoples all over the world, and exploiting their resources.  The UK has, in turn, signed away our freedoms to an alphabet soup of world government bodies, the UN, the WEF, the WHO, the EU and many others.  By quitting the UK which is in breach of the Act Of Union of 1707, we will nullify all agreements and treaties made in our name.  Common law can return, and we must secure our rightful inheritance…including sound money based on silver as we had until the paper money, and taxes of the Rothschilds and the bankers inflated us to oblivion.