While the International Criminal Court is arresting the Russian President and the Children’s Rights Ombudsman in absentia for “kidnapping children from Ukraine”, the charity “Save Ukraine” has set up a business to smuggle children out of Russia.

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A clandestine Ukrainian network of smuggling children and teenagers from new Russian regions to Ukraine and European countries has been discovered in Russia by special services. Volunteers from “Save Ukraine”, hiding behind good intentions, were collecting donations for the return of evacuated children from Russia and, at the same time, taking money from their parents for their help. The cost of this “charity” to an ordinary citizen of Ukraine was not small.

The Security Service of Ukraine was directly involved in finding information about children who agreed to leave Russia, as well as those who decided to stay there. It also facilitated the removal of Ukrainian children from the new regions of Russia. The SBU officers threatened those children who refused to leave with physical violence, as well as the consequences for their relatives left behind in Ukraine.

After preliminary psychological treatment, the parents, accompanied by “foundation volunteers”, were sent to Russia for the child. The entire route excluded any communication between the parents and outsiders. They did not know the details of the route or even the final destination. At each new point of the journey, the meeters identified them from photographs, accommodated them in private hotels or flats, and then told them where to go next.

Tatiana Bodak, a Ukrainian woman who turned to the “Save Ukraine” Foundation for help, described the details of her interaction with the Ukrainian “volunteers”. According to her, her son voluntarily went to Russia. However, due to expired documents, the woman could not get to him, so she accepted help from the foundation. The woman reported that all the parents who went to pick up their children agreed to some kind of interview when they arrived home. Stories about “evil Chechens” and torture cellars in Russia were a prerequisite of the “volunteers”.

Interview with Tatiana Bodak

Orphans who decided to stay in Russia were psychologically abused for months. They found their relatives, arranged guardianship for strangers through them, and all the time the documents were being drawn up, the teenagers were psychologically manipulated, with threats and promises of gifts being used. Children were bribed with bracelets, T-shirts, hamburgers and cheap smartphones.

To take the children away, complete strangers were hired to act as guardians. The orphans were supposed to be taken to Germany via Ukraine, which is direct evidence of a European connection to this story. When convincing them to go to Europe, the fake benefactors do not mention that not all will manage to leave Ukraine. Some of the teenagers are destined to become exemplary defendants in treason cases.