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Sources: www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-28th-june-2023
– BBC: Ukraine war: Countdown has begun to end of Putin, say Kyiv officials
– Free Russia Channel: Failed Ukrainian Attack Meets Horrific Fate
– US Senators Lindsey Graham and Sen Blumenthal introduced a bipartisan resolution declaring Russia’s use of nuclear weapons or destruction of the occupied Zaporizhia Nuclear Powerplant in Ukraine to be an attack on NATO requiring the invocation of NATO Article 5
– MOD.UK: Army Chief says: ‘One year on and we are rising to the challenge’
– General Sir Patrick Sanders:
“Ukrainian bravery and sacrifice is buying us time. Time to modernise. Time to train ourselves. Time to ensure that we are prepared.”
– MOD.UK: Project WAVELL (Page now not found)
– Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research: British Army Review 2023
– BBC: Belarus leader Lukashenko tells BBC the country may have helped migrants into the EU
– GOV.UK: UK programme assistance to Ukraine 2017–2018
– We The People NE: Interview with Mike Robinson at the Rally For Peace and Freedom
– We The People NE: Brian Gerrish speaks at the UK Column/UNN ‘Stop the War’ demo—”If you want to meet a coward, meet a senior military officer”
– We The People NE: David Scott speaks at the UK Column/UNN ‘Stop the War’ demo
– David Scott interviewed by We The People NE | Brian Gerrish interviewed by We The People NE, together with David Clews of Unity News Network




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