UK 5G Rollout – Power Requirements

Based on the specified 100amp fuse thats a maxiumum power requirement of 24KW much of that potentially converted to high frequency microwave energy.

Requirements for installation

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity and it is being rolled out across the country. The 5G technology is generally installed on existing 4G sites and it only requires a small increase of power.

A 5G connection requires a minimum of 15KW of power with a 100amp fuse. The following checks need to be carried out to ensure that your current electricity supply is ready for a 5G connection:


European telecom merger forms 5G powerhouse


Massive telecoms Vodafone U.K. and Three U.K. will merger under a new deal that will create a 5G giant that serves more than 99% of the population in the country with 5G standalone (SA) connectivity by 2030.

Under the deal, Vodafone will own 51% of the combined business with CK Hutchison Group, the owner of Three U.K., owning the remaining 49%.

The deal will allow customers from both telecoms to gain greater 5G coverage and reliability, the merged company said.

The company is already looking ahead with its combined assets and said by the year 2030 it will:

  • Invest nearly $14 billion over 10 years on SA 5G networks.
    Install SA 5G in every school and hospital in the U.K.
    Create $6 billion in economic benefits.
    Offer fixed wireless access to 82% of households.

“The merger is great for customers, great for the country and great for competition,” said Margeherita Della Valle, CEO of Vodafone. “It’s transformative as it will create a best-in-class — indeed best in Europe –5G network, offering customers a superior experience. As a country, the U.K. will benefit from the creation of a sustainable, strongly competitive third scaled driving growth, employment and innovation.”

The deal is expected to close by the end of 2024 pending regulatory and shareholder approval.


Vodafone and Ericsson create UK’s first on-demand 5G network slice
By Press Office


According to Ericsson’s network slicing reports, is it estimated that 25-30% of the potential 5G use cases will need slicing as an enabler. Potential use cases include:

Mobile gaming: Today’s player-versus-player real-time gaming experience requires low-latency performance to guarantee a high-quality experience. A maximum threshold for latency and jitter can be applied to specialised network slices to ensure the gaming applications react in near-real time.

Upgraded performance for short periods of time: Customers could “upgrade” performance for a short period of time. For example, increased download speeds to download video content ahead of plane trips.

In-venue experience: The connectivity experience for customers at entertainment venues can be a frustrating experience because of the high concentration of people in a small area. However, as demand at these venues is not 24/7, it could make more commercial sense to deploy a high-bandwidth and high-capacity network slice to ensure customers at mass attendance events have suitable connectivity coverage.
Automotive: For self-driving or remotely operated vehicles, enhanced and ultra-reliable connectivity is critical for both performance and safety. Specialised network slices could enable tele-operated/self-driving vehicles and real-time situational awareness. Network slicing also guarantees a certain level of Quality of Service to meet specific security needs that might be a regulatory requirement.

Healthcare: Use cases include remote assessment of potentially life-threatening conditions through video where a low-latency slice could be critical for video performance, collecting data for early detection of diseases through precision medicine, as well as using robotics for rehabilitation with real-time control.

Smart city (public safety): Use cases include real-time smart surveillance, massive mission critical IoT (such as connectivity for electricity grid substations) and real-time location information for emergency services. As each of these use cases could impact the safety of the general public, it would be advantageous to have a specialised network slice, rather than using the public internet (a homogonous connectivity experience).

Smart city (massive IoT): Opportunity to deploy new, low-energy and cost-effective sensors at scale (smart electricity sensors for example) with capacity able to be adjusted with demand.

Broadcast and production: Use cases include remote broadcast and production, where the quality of live-stream content could be impacted by network upload speed. At mass entertainment events, there is also a risk of network congestion, whereas a dedicated network slice for broadcasters would be one of the few options available to guarantee data is transferred back to production studios in a timely manner, especially in temporary venues (such as music festivals).


3 Responses to “UK 5G Rollout – Power Requirements”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Grim, grim, grim

    I started to get involved in anti 5G campaigning after seeing an excellent presentation by Ian Crane in autumn of 2019. I met a few other local like minded folk as a result too, and we started to get organised

    But all that went out of the window for two fundamental reasons:

    1 the Covid psyop, which was all consuming for me for a long time [too long]. First the “sickness” BS story. Then the, clearly potentially dangerous, vaxx BS story. I lost a few good old friends at that time

    2 the dispiriting fixed minds of most folk younger than me [I’m a pensioner] Their reliance and love of their mobiles was frightening. Their love is akin to worship. They are impossible to budge, no matter how much information that you impart

    I had great success with covid, but abject failure with 5G.

    Even with my 3 adult offspring, who all listened and acted accordingly with covid/vaxx, and who all wouldn’t countenance the loss of their precious mobile

    • ian says:

      You’re not alone Pete. Your post could apply nearly exactly to me.

  2. danceaway says:

    UKColumn live stream comments would cheer you both up, as there are so many awake folk there; and the numerous forum discussions/links would as well. More than worth the small charge for membership. Quite eye opening.