These fools believe their machines have souls. They will soon discover the emptiness within their genocidal dreams

By Ethan Huff June 13, 2023

An Israeli-born World Economic Forum (WEF) member and lead adviser to Klaus Schwab by the name of Yuval Noah Harari is eager to see the world taken over by “non-organic entities” and “emotionless algorithms,” meaning no more humans and lots and lots of artificial intelligence-driven (AI) robots ruling the world.

In an interview, Harari explained that over the next several decades, Earth will become populated “or even dominated” by entities that are not organic, meaning they are not created by God. “They don’t breathe; they don’t have emotions,” Harari said excitedly to the interviewer.

“The potential of AI is much, much bigger than any historical revolution – it’s really a biological revolution,” he went on to state, claiming that up until now, all life is organic – but soon that will no longer be the case. “This is at least an idea of inorganic lifeforms. That’s the biggest thing that’s happened on Earth in over four billion years.”

Harari is a believer in Darwinian evolution, which he claims occurred through natural selection. But with AI, there is an “intelligent design” that supersedes even what God Almighty is able to do, according to Harari.

“Here we have intelligent design – but not the intelligent design of the creation that’s in the Bible, a real intelligent design,” Harari stated arrogantly. “We are designing the AI, and then the AI will design maybe the next generation of AI, so it’s a completely different kind of process.”

(Related: Last year, Harari announced that he and his globalist buddies have created a “technological Noah’s Ark,” also known as transhumanism, that will help them escape the mass extinction event they are trying to unleash.)

Homosexuality is “natural” because otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible, according to Harari

Using the example of how bank loans are processed today not by actual humans but rather by computer algorithms, Harari explained how the future of the planet involves robots and computers replacing all humans – a new kind of evolution, in his view.

“It’s very practical: today when you apply to the bank for a loan and the bank basically lets an algorithm design your fate, and the algorithm says ‘No, don’t give this lady a loan.’ And you ask the bank why, and they say they don’t know; the algorithm said no,” Harari said.

“Even the people who designed the algorithm don’t understand the decision that it is making.”

Over the last 20 years, Harari went on to reveal, the smartest people in the world have been working on “the problem of how to hack human beings and control them through the screens, through the smartphones.

“I’m no match to them,” he says. “If I give them access, they win.”

Smartphones, it turns out, were designed as spying devices to monitor people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need for actual human agents from the government to keep an eye on people. Harari spoke all about this, using the KGB as an example from the past of how things had to be done before the age of computers and AI, and smartphones.

On the topic of homosexuality and other LGBT lifestyles, Harari believes that they are all natural in any shape or form they take because if they were not, then such acts and behaviors would not even be possible.

“If homosexuality was against nature, it just couldn’t exist,” Harari argues. “Things against nature are, for example, driving faster than the speed of light. You don’t need human rules against them, they just can’t happen – it’s impossible.”

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2 Responses to “These fools believe their machines have souls. They will soon discover the emptiness within their genocidal dreams”

  1. Belyi says:

    I seem to remember that this freak was a religious scholar before he discovered homosexuality and atheism.

    • Gordon says:

      Could you imagine the same wants AI to rewrite the Bible.
      In the beginning AI created the heaven and the earth. 
      And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And AI moved upon the face of the waters. 
      And AI said, Let there be light: and there was light. 

      They can have all the robots and AI they want but there’s nothing that will replace the physical, mental and spiritual uplifting interactions of that of the human being.

      Heaven forbid such things: