The World Economic Forum wants the bible rewritten by computers. God, help us.

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Wednesday June 14, 2023 Truth Bomb


New Threat: Launch Of The WHO (Rockefeller Funded) International Pathogen Surveillance Network: Full Event – well here ya go folks. As usual what is happening at the WHO is all about investments and profits at the expense of our tax dollars and at the expense of our health. IOJ is just breaking down some of the critical parts of a long meeting that was conducted and that meeting is available at the end of the article if you care to listen to it. Total surveillance!! ARTICLE/VIDEO (1 hr. 18 min.)

BREAKING: Georgia GOP Run By An Illegal Corporation For Years, Controlled By One Man, Damaging Grassroots Efforts – and how many other states has conducted the same fraud as GA?? Thanks to Ruth W. – ARTICLE

John F Kennedy Broke the Rules of the Zero Sum Game. Will his Nephew Learn How This Was Done? This article is long but I found it to be extremely interesting and a walk back in history we all need to take – ARTICLE/VIDEOS (there are several good short videos in this article) If you pull up the interview RFK Jr. did with Gateway Pundit it is 1 hr. long.

UK Renewables Farce: Coal-Fired Generator Powered Up Because It’s Too Hot For Solar Panels And Not Breezy Enough For Wind Turbines – well you see nothing will change and they will not stop pushing solar and wind because the issue is not the issue. The issue is not about climate change or any of the lies they perpetrate. ARTICLE

The World Economic Forum has called for religious scripture to be “rewritten” by artificial intelligence to create a globalized “new Bible.” – 8 min. VIDEO

Technocracy in Action: Global Digital Vaccine Passports. WHO and EU Commission Partner for ‘Digital Health’ with New COVID-19 Digital Certificate by Dr. Meryl Nass – ARTICLE