The swirling mists of swindler James Cleverly

John Ward June 23, 2023

The swirling mists of swindler James Cleverly

The swirling mists of swindler James Cleverly

Our ineptly named Foreign Secretary James Cleverly told a TV interviewer that, “Putin is responsible for rising food prices in the UK, not the British Government”, adding with a second blast of Mist, “The global impact continues to generate lasting damage to the world’s most vulnerable – driving up food and energy prices and putting supplies at risk”.

Mr Cleverly is a liar, and he knows it. The gdp of Ukraine is smaller than the UK NHS budget, and weighs in at N° 60 in the global output league. Prior to the Russian occupation, its massive contribution to planetary food was just 0.3% – and two thirds of it went to Belarus, Kazakhstan and….um, Russia. The three reasons Vladimir Putin occupied The Ukraine are (1) persistently murderous attacks upon Russians in that country with 173 ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian élite since 2014 (2) solid evidence of 64 bioweapon labs in the Ukraine funded and run by the US Pentagon and (3) Zelenskyy being the recipient of some $1.2 billion during the Biden Presidency – a vast fortune the former washed-up Soap actor has yet to explain….and in which Sleepy’s graft-riddled son Hunter is multiply implicated.

Cleverly’s mist is designed to hide several realities: first, that an effectively broke UK has supported Ukraine with monies so far that total £1.5 billion in economic and humanitarian support such as the delivery of more than 11 million medical items as well as food supplies, ambulances and so forth. This does not include the arms the UK has supplied – some £4.6 billion in military assistance to Ukraine: all up, the United Kingdom is the second biggest global donor to Zelenskyy the Zany Zealot ….behind (of course) the United States. We have NOTHING to gain and NO INTEREST IN this hangover from the collapse of the USSR. But as usual, we have a Special Relationship with the American Unelected State roughly akin to being the poodle of a pimp-Madame.

Second, British households are facing the fastest annual increase in food and drink prices since 1977, now running at 19.2% – higher than Gambia’s 17.3%, a country which has to import almost everything. Not one single grain of wheat or rice is exported from Ukraine to Gambia or the United Kingdom. Ergo sum, some other factor must be in play. The reality is that wholesale Food prices – especially for fruit, vegetables and sugar – have risen after poor harvests in Europe and North Africa reduced availability earlier this year. Retailers and wholesalers have had to pay more for items such as tomatoes, peppers and salad, which have been in short supply. As many of you will already know, the EU and North Africa are not close neighbours of Ukraine: but EU farming policies could very easily screw up the UK were we (Heaven forbid) to rejoin the European Bunion. You might also wonder why we – an offshore island NOT in the EU – have contributed far more than the EU Big Players to Ukrainian geopolitical games. Rinse and repeat along the lines of being the poodle of a pimp-Madame….plus also a Cash Cow for Brussels.

But the New World Order of Cleverly’s mist is simply part of the ever-onward March of veggie, let’s eat bugs, red meat bad, farty-cows, climate emergency myth….designed to rationalise restricted vehicle movement, hitech surveillance of travel and the slaughter of livestock – and all in turn clearly inflationary when demand exceeds supply. The systematic creation of a food emergency is hidden in that mist by blaming one tiny war in one country with a tiny food gdp.

It’s yet another Whopper from the NWO boys and girls. You couldn’t make it up. And it doesn’t end there: go to this Google search page and you can read about nine separate bits of nifty evasion and footwork that caused Sunny Jim to be hauled up before the Commons Standards and Procedures Committee. But this bloke is unconcerned with about standards, because he doesn’t have any.

Cleverly is merely a brainless chancer trotting out silly lies to ensure the banking bonking BoJo building back billionaires remain shrouded in the mist of “New Normal”. But to close today, look around you at the mountain range of evidence to show that the entire concept of world government is out of touch with what all sane people beyond the pervy perps of Davos, Beijing and Langley Virginia want.

Of course CNN, Sky, Associated France Presse and Russia today are global brands: but their output is regional tending towards local. There is no global content because there is no such thing…..WEF, WHO and all the other fantasists use the word “World” to make themselves sound important, but very few people in South America know who Klaus Schwab is – lucky devils – and hardly anyone realises what a genocidal ideologue WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus really is. Turn on Sky in India, you’ll get cricket. Turn on DSTV in Gambia, you’ll get footie. Turn on CNN in Canada, ice hockey…. and so on.

But observe what that sport is all about: regional Champions cups won by national clubs, World Cups won by National Teams, national knockout cups won by local teams. The unifying factor is soccer, not some weird concept of globalism and the ludicrous ‘global village’ con exploited by the Saatchi brothers. Nobody in Slovakia gives a toss who won the election in Tanzania. TV watchers don’t surf the weather forecasts. Do you even know when Macron’s current term ends? How many words of French do you know? Could you name more than three baseball teams in the US? It’s IABATO* writ large: the only people boffing on about ‘a global perspective’ are the presstitutes who went full on for a virus that never reached pandemic proportions and bogus bioweapons masquerading as vaccines that don’t immunise.

*IABATO – The Slog’s rallying cry: It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official

Enjoy the weekend.

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3 Responses to “The swirling mists of swindler James Cleverly”

  1. Chris x says:

    The Bank of England printed £440 billion during lockdowns which is the amount borrowed by the government to pay for it.

    All that money has gone into the economy and is showing up as inflation.

    • sovereigntea says:

      With all that great education you would think that then Chancellor Sunak might have realised his mistake Surely looting and wrecking the economy to Net tZero wasn’t deliberate policy ?

      Astonishing that Uniparty lockdown cheerleader in chief Kier Starmer didn’t speak up at the time.

      I was lucky to study at Winchester College, Oxford University and Stanford University.

      In July 2019 I was appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury, having entered Government service as the Minister for Local Government in January 2018. In February 2020, I had the honour to be appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, a position I held until July 2022.

      On October 25, I was honoured and privileged to be appointed UK Prime Minister.

      • Chris x says:

        There was a video which showed all the Tory donors and friends of ministers who received millions upto hundreds of millions of PPE contracts during covid.

        Sunak being a WEF member fully knows the agenda and what happens if he went against it. President John Magufuli of Tanzania died after calling out the covid vaccines as being dangerous.