The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 285 – Flat Earth Fact Hunter


The most important thing to never lose sight of is that FE is the truth BUT the Jesuits are controlling BOTH sides of the FE Globe DIALOGUE in order to MOCK FE as anti science! They want people to put their FAITH in THEORETICAL SCIENCE rather than in WHAT THEY SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES and in WHAT GOD’S WORD SAYS! The second thing to really understand is that the Earth is NOT FLAT! That term is misleading. The Bible NEVER calls the Earth FLAT. In fact NO ONE knows the real shape of the Earth. The Earth is INFERRED as a PLANAR DISC with a firmament or DOME covering. In real terms the Earth is a TOPOGRAPHICALLY IRREGULAR PLANAR DISC with MOUNTAINS and VALLEYS and FOUR CORNERS and sealed with an IMPENETRABLE DOME made from a solid and self healing material which is unknown. The Bible describes Earth as a disc or circle within a square with the disc covered by a massive dome. The 4 winds come from the 4 corners and are controlled by 4 angels. The sun and moon and stars are ALL described by the Bible as being IN the firmament meaning they are NOT outside dome in SPACE! The third thing is that once a person has accepted the FE paradigm then they MUST ASK the question, “WHO BUILT THIS STRUCTURE?” There is NO escaping this question. It is either Aliens or God! Learn more at:


6 Responses to “The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 285 – Flat Earth Fact Hunter”

  1. John says:

    Good info. For more like it check out the excellent Godgevlamste YouTube channel. His work is meticulous and outstanding IMO.

    Also, Radiation Matters is very informative and thought provoking:

    Personally I think it’s a plasma dome and not anything solid. It may also be interactive and/or conscious. The Archaix research goes deep in to the subject. Only by questioning everything and looking at facts and evidence will we ever start to make sense of who we are, where we are, what we’re doing and where we’re going. The four big questions of life.

  2. ian says:

    We live on a slightly flattened globe. Flat earth is an establishment tool to discredit internet researchers.

    • ian says:

      None of that disproves what I said Gordon?

      • ian says:

        Oh BTW, I agree that they never landed on the moon and NASA is bollocks, but FE theories are usually easy to debunk. The followers usually just keep sending videos and saying, well what about that, then another well what about this. The FE story doesn’t hold water.

  3. ian says:

    Perhaps I’ll apologise, ok I’m sorry. If your religion says that, Then it’s your choice to believe it. I am not Christian, and am probably classed as atheist, though my values are very much in line with Christian teachings. I just don’t go for the talking snake, and two kinds of every animal on a boat, Joseph being happy with Mary being pregnant to some mysterious guy in the sky etc. I do however respect people’s rights. One of my best work friends ever was a Jehovah’s witness. take care guys.