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The Goose and the Gander in Cuba

Hand it to the Chinese and Cubans for exposing the utter hypocrisy of the U.S. national-security state, its empire of foreign military bases, and its foreign policy of interventionism.

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported that China is paying Cuba billions of dollars in return for permitting China to construct a major facility in Cuba to spy on the United States.

China and Cuba deny the deal but what is so funny has been the reaction of U.S interventionists. They are going ballistic over China’s supposedly aggressive behavior.

Florida Senator Marc Rubio expressed the sentiments of all U.S. interventionists by exclaiming, “The threat to America from #Cuba isn’t just real, it is far worse than this.” Rubio and U.S. Senator Mark Warner from Virginia jointly stated, “We are deeply disturbed by reports that Havana and Beijing are working together to target the United States and our people. The United States must respond to China’s ongoing and brazen attacks on our nation’s security.”

The Reds are coming! The Reds are coming!

Wait a minute! What about all those military installations, including spying facilities, that the Pentagon and CIA have surrounding China and Russia? Indeed, what about the Pentagon’s and CIA’s imperial torture and prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, which is used to spy on Cuba?

Oh, there isn’t anything threatening about those facilities, U.S. interventionists exclaim. They are just for “defense.” The Chinese, Russians, and Cubans just suffer from extreme paranoia. The United States, U.S. interventionists say, is really just a peace-loving nation. Never mind that much of the world views the U.S. national-security state as Martin Luther King did — as the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world,” one that is responsible for the deaths and injuries of millions of people in the last 7o years.

Referring to the China-Cuba deal, John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, stated that U.S. officials are closely monitoring these activities and taking steps to counter them.

Really? Now why would they do that? One big reason: They don’t like it! They don’t like it when some foreign power from thousands of miles away establishes a spy facility only 90 miles away from American shores.

And what happens if that Chinese spy facility in Cuba begins to show signs of nuclear missiles? I will guarantee you that Kirby and all the other officials in the national-security establishment will go ballistic and begin calling for a bombing campaign against Cuba or an invasion, just like Pentagon and CIA officials did back in 1962. That’s because they won’t like the fact that there are Chinese nuclear missiles pointed at the U.S. from only 90 miles away.

But can you see the hypocrisy that the rest of the world sees? When Russia and China object to U.S. and NATO military installations and nuclear missiles on or near their borders, U.S. officials condemn them for their “aggressiveness.”

Moreover, let’s not forget that whenever there is some altercation between Chinese or Russian planes or ships and those of the Pentagon, the altercations always take place over there near Russia and China, not over here in our part of the world. That’s because U.S. military planes and ships are over there stirring up crises and conflicts to justify the continued existence of America’s Cold War-era national-security state.

Time will tell whether the Chinese-Cuba connection will erupt into another full-blown crisis, one that will naturally be used to justify ever-increasing taxpayer-funded largess for the national-security establishment. If so, it will only provide more confirmation of how U.S. interventionism abroad makes Americans less safe here at home.

But one can easily understand why the Chinese, Russians, and Cubans would behave in the same manner as the Pentagon and the CIA. After all, from their perspective, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.




3 Responses to “The Goose and the Gander in Cuba”

  1. ian says:

    what ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Cuba has always been a psyop. It was owned by the US in early 1900’s. All that shite about Castro’s “revolution” was just that, shite

    Castro was a CIA agent, I quote from an earlier essay if mine:

    “A very informative book by Servando Gonzalez a Cuban historian:

    Psychological Warfare and the New World Order
    The Secret War Against the American People
    Published in 2010

    Gonzalez’s book is a fascinating and very detailed 319 pages of small typeface with a further 55 pages of small type reference notes at the end.

    The book is very wide ranging in scope. It gives extensive and detailed info about Fidel Castro. It reveals Castro as a lifetime psyop agent for the CIA. Castro’s ruthless duplicity is a central feature of the book.

    Servando Gonzalez is a Cuban and he knows his subject very, very well”

    It is very well worth a look

    It’s all smoke and mirrors. The US WANTED a commie NWO practice place just 90 miles away

    I read this book after my visit to Cuba in 2011

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      A paragraph from my essay in 2016 [the quote above was from my 2017 follow up essay]:

      “Next, some interesting facts about Comrade Fidel:

      First, he was an actor with his own IMDB page. He was an extra in some Hollywood movies, including two in 1946. That was the year that the CIA was formed. Do you know of any other revolutionary communist leaders who had, or have, pages at the IMDB? Thought not.


      Second, he played baseball in the USA. In 1951, Castro tried out for the Washington Senators baseball team. Wtf???

      Third he was a rich lawyer who married a very wealthy woman. Castro was born to wealth (sugar plantations). His first wife Mirta Diaz-Balart was also from great wealth. She was a relative of Batista the Cuban dictator that Castro “overthrew”! Rich lawyers often become revolutionaries and overthrow the in-laws, don’t they?

      Fourth, he lived in New York City on many occasions, and he even spent his honeymoon there. He and Mirta were married in 1948, and her father gave them “tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a three-month New York honeymoon”. Could any other real revolutionaries of the time could say the same thing?.

      Fifth, he was imprisoned by the dictator Batista but soon released. Conveniently in time to lead the “revolution”. Do you think that this is a common mistake of many brutal dictators? Of course not, they wouldn’t stay in power long if they did.”

      HT Miles Mathis