Francis Moore

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A conference entitled “Stop NATO: Stop World War III” was held in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, where participants spoke out against arms supplies to Ukraine.

The event, organized by the Centre for International Resistance, was attended by prominent political and public figures. In particular, Dutch political and social activist and leader of the Vredesmars movement Petra Petraxis; historian-archivist Georg Jansen; diplomat and chief editor of the Dutch newspaper De Andere Krant Medelijn Klinkhamer; Dimitar Pisarri from the Dostoevsky Institute in Athens; Max Berg, head of the youth section of the Baptist Evangelical Church and a prominent member of the pacifist movement; Natalie Wortz, head of the Rotterdam branch of “Alternative”; Andrew van Delft, entrepreneur and developer of IT products; and others.

During the discussion, the speakers made the points that the official Dutch media spoke strongly against Russia and, at the same time, there was no mention that the US-led NATO military alliance had imported tons of military weapons to Ukraine and sent many US advisers over the past eight years. The Dutch opinion leaders drew attention to the fact that after Maidan in 2014, “the US helped fascist forces to recklessly attack pro-Russian forces in Donbass”.

“This war will continue if the US does not stop its aggressive military actions, on our border. The destructive war in Ukraine and Russia could be the beginning of a wider world war to establish total US hegemony over the rest of the world,” the event resolution said.

Summarizing the views of those gathered, Max Berg stressed that “the working and oppressed peoples in Europe” do not want war – only politicians in Washington, who make huge profits from it, want it.

At the end of the conference, the participants decided to send a petition to the government of the Kingdom, as well as to the European Commission, demanding that Ukraine stop supplying weapons in the interests of Washington. Otherwise, they were convinced, it would lead to a World War III nuclear war that would kill Europe. Moreover, those present formed an organising committee to hold monthly protests and asked sensible political and social forces in the Netherlands and Europe to support them in their struggle