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– Richard Dearlove at NatCon UK speaking about Active Measures: A Second Coming
“War—for all the violence and tragedy that it unleashes—also triggers great creativity and catalyses motivations. The Ukrainian national identity is being burnished and refined in the fire of war. The confidence of its youthful and talented leadership leaves no room for self-doubt or indulgent and misdirected wokery. Ukraine is fighting for its survival and for Europe’s future security. Unavoidably, it is our war as well.”





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4 Responses to “Sir Richard Dearlove Banging the Drum for War – UKColumn News”

  1. ian says:

    The whole establishment seems to live in an alternative reality. I can only imagine that he is very smart and is able to run parallel realities in real time in his mind. If not, then he is obviously either, completely out of touch, or perhaps mentally ill.

  2. danceaway says:

    Ian, I imagine he falls in the category of those described by Larry Johnson and Col Macgregor; it is almost a mental illness; some wonderful brief descriptions by Col Macgregor in his video. It is a sort of derangement syndrome, narcissistic psychopathology; it produces a sense of and belief in their omnipotence. They disregard everyone but themselves; a sort of God Complex?

    • ian says:

      Thanks D’. I think Belyi’s suggestion below, might be his best option then.

  3. Belyi says:

    In that case, I imagine he would be prepared to put himself on the front line in any war. It might improve his creativity and motivate him to do great things.