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Russia cuts off own water supply

Seems Crimea will once again go without water for a very long time. The previous Ukrainian blockage of the Crimea canal was removed in Feb 2022. As the dam likely will never be built again, Russia would have to dig I assume at least 30 kms of new deeper Crimea canal and also build a large earthen “scoop” into the Dnieper. This project I think will not happen. “This is how the Kakhovka Reservoir looks now near the main station of the North Crimean Canal, which supplies Crimea with water. The first video is March 2023, the second is June 2023. Do we need more versions and evidence of who and why blew up the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station?! Of course, Ukraine, including in order to again deprive Crimea of water.” (Masno)