Rothschilds admit that they are descended from Egypt……………From Gordon

Now here’s an interesting one were this lad claims that the Rothschilds admit that they are descended from Egypt and the King of Babylon, Nimrod which makes sense since it was Nimrod who wanted to rule the world and the Rothschilds who wish for a One World Government. Therefore, when you here the cry for a NWO (OWG) it’s an old call going right back to Nimrod and his mother-bride queen Semiramis who were both proclaimed as god and queen of heaven. Note the incestuous relationship which is still apparent today. Talk about keeping it in the family!

I’ve read it said that Nimrod was into gene manipulation which may be the reason why the Bible states Gen_10:8  Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. (Changed.)
We have a pretty good idea that the Nephilim of old had elongated skulls as seen in Egypt and various sites throughout the world and I’m of the opinion that the Serpent race (The fallen ones – The Watchers) have through the ages abducted humans for breeding and genetic manipulation to produce a smaller hybrid of themselves which would be less conspicuous among us today.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    All bloodlines and royals claim to be descended from Egypt. Trump (via Gael on his mother’s side – McLeod). Farage (via Mary Magdalene his name Yaraech means Moon in Hebrew). Kings of Man – Stanleys, Ridleys were seed of Gael – founding Ireland and Scotland. The Rothschilds are merely the drivers of the current world kingship plan, trying to link their history to Egypt, and eclipse all previous kings and other bloodlines with their wealth and power. The kings of Israel were the pharaohs, not a slave race. They spoke Hebrew, came from the Nile Delta (The Ebro). Gael and Scota headed west around 1800BC. Izas was descended from Egyptian pharoahs as was his sister wife Mary, who escaped the Romans and headed for the south of France founding the Orange Order. The Rothschilds? Who were their ancient forbears? Bauer was their name before they adopted the name Rot Schild – red banner.