7 Responses to “RFK Jr. 4 President?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    He talks cleverly. You need to read between his lines. A trained lawyer with forty years experience.

  2. NPP says:

    Do tell me what it is I’m failing to read.

    He believes in anthropogenic climate change and he has deleted Tweets.
    I’ve ‘drawn’ no comment as to explanation, just pointed out the reality. I listened to his discussion with Musk last night.
    Did everyone else?

  3. Tapestry says:

    RFK Jr on carbon says we need to reduce fossil fuel consumption, as there are many pollutants including toxic metals, acids and gases which are bad for human and environmental health. He sounds as if he’s agreeing with the narrow proposal but skips on the details, and pitches a broader basis argument that overrides the narrow proposal. As when directly questioned about being anti-vaxx, he lambasts the total pandemc response including lockdown and money manipulation, how billionaires get rich while the middle class is destroyed. And how the health industry works. You need to hear him talk in full, not take the narrow quotations provided by others who want him ‘fixed’. He is the genuine thing, but can be easily misrepresented by enemies of course. That’s normal politics, except the media works 100% for his enemies. Of course he will say he supports the State Of Israel, or he will be guaranteed a massive headline accusing him of everything you can imagine worldwide. But again listen to his detailed statements.

    He is taking on the same powers that are killing us all. And doing well. What do you want ned? The Clintons?!! Barry blow job/killer?!! Has RFK murdered anyone? Is he a pedo? Of course he will tiptoe around media booby traps.

  4. NPP says:

    Have you bought his book? I did; ordered it before its release.
    How many hours of RFK Jr. have you listened to? I’ll Sportsman Bet you: not as many as I have.

    I think RFK Jr. vs Trump would be fun. I’ve lost enthusiasm for Trump because he pushed the jab, but his press conferences are such entertainment.

    I hate ruinable energies such as blasted wind & solar in East Anglia. There is NO climate emergency & dirty filthy land, water & air is NOT climate change. I delivered a letter about ludicrous Climate Emergency policy to my Parish Council last night in person; no doubt further damaging my reputation as the local trouble maker.

    Thanks for pointing out my short comings and I hesitate to be perceived as a know all arrogant bugger, but you haven’t told me anything new.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Which book? The Real Anthony Fauci? Yes. Of course. You probably win the radio/TV bet, Ned. If I was on your Parish Council, I’d have you co-opted immediately – and appointed Chair – except meeting times might extend somewhat!! There’s nothing new under the sun. The pharoahs poisoned the Egyptians, and robbed them of their property, and blamed the weather. To fight Trump, Kennedy has to win the Democratic nomination. Against the main media, against the pharoahs. Trump is descended from Gael and Scota on his mother’s side, and proud of it. Kennedy is not a pharoah – might save the lives of a few billion human beings – if that matters to anybody.

    • NPP says:

      Yes, that book. Very lawyer-ish. I’m always reminded Blair was a bloody lawyer.

      Radio/TV? Me? I listen to the BBC R 5Live football. I have written to Arsenal complaining of the BLM knee-bending. They, like Suffolk County Council and my ex-upper school, haven’t answered either.

      We can’t decide upon living history let alone Egyptian.
      Apparently, there are now 2 suns! Really, I can’t keep up. I’m waiting for the flat earth to be declared just one side of a cube or pyramid…. cue a revised Pharaoh hypothesis.

      It’s a sport in addition to the football. I suspect RFK Jr. can break through the Democratic old guard. If not, could he stand as an independent aka Ross Perot? Trump looks set to be the Republican nominee. RFK does talk about free market capitalism which I find encouraging. Out of the two, I guess I have to back RFK, but Trump is so funny and triggers politically correct self-righteous mob so easily. Also, he kind of deserves a 2nd term to make up for the stolen one. Couldn’t RFK be Trump’s vice-president?

      Never did I think they’d keep the thing called Biden going this long; whatever, who ever it is..

      If more people presented letters of challenge and information at Parish Council level, it could have a wide spread effect. Perhaps they are and we just don’t realise it yet.

      After visiting a local town of fatties last week, I lost faith in my community. We’re doomed capt., doooomed.

      Then again, a glass of wine might change my mind to eternal optimism again. Actually, I’ve rather taken to vodka of late. It must be remote Russian mind control.

      Zelensky’s telling us the Russians blew up the dam… I will check BBC R4 PM later just to hear the comedy.