5 Responses to “Primary School Boy Records His Conversation Disagreeing with His Teacher Re Gender”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Good kids there, we need more like them. Their parents have educated them properly, good on them. They were brave in the face of a stupid woke, totalitarian, teacher

    What a piece of work that teacher is! She has completely lost sight of her duty of care and balance. Pushing pure propaganda at primary school kids? For petes sake, grow up you idiot

    In a sane world she would be disciplined. But she’s clearly spewing out school/local authority/state policy, probably all 3. So that will never happen, she’s a system drone

    And we are all paying for this shite too

    What a crazy world we live in

    • newensign says:

      I agree Pete. Now-a-days school is no place for children – ii is military training to make children obedient slaves to the system that should not be. That is why more and more are now home educating.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Yes newensign, that’s the way it is

        It’s a crazy world when ” school is no place for children” that’s for sure

        Resistance is essential and kids like that are on the right track. We need more of them that have been taught to think for themselves, like that kid

        Parents can make a big difference, even if they don’t home school. If I was that kids parent I would be confronting the school and demanding an apology. No teacher should ever treat their pupils in such a manner. It’s self evidently, and so demonstrably, the opposite of teaching. The lack of awareness in that drone was disconcerting but it could be used to take a firm stance

        • newensign says:

          Yes, that is right. Children need to bond with their parents. Its been shown that the few countries that only schooled children at the age of 9 did far better than those that start them off at a lot earlier age. Studies also show that schooling reduces the child’s IQ as well as dumbing him down. The system want’s only obedient slaves who do not question what they have been asked to do! When talking to the authorities – do not use the word school (education), Parent (father and mother) Child (boy or Girl), otherwise you are using legalese implying the state’s ownership of your sons and daughters which are your property. Correct term in brackets.

  2. ian says:

    I wonder if I identified as a 26 year old Johnny Depp look alike and asked out a good looking young lady, and she kicked me into touch, could I get her booted off her job for offending me.