Pregozhin is not a Jewish pedophile. Put down the hatchet and think what’s going on.

The greater majority of Russian people understand full well that the war with Ukraine (NATO) is the existential one, and the very survival of our country is at stake.

That’s why the way it has been fought has been upsetting to say the least. After all, Russia has fought many a war in over 1000 yrs of its existence. We have won most of them if not all, and so we have all assumed that 1 thing we know well is how to fight a war. Yet there have been so many issues with the way the present war has been conducted, that we began questioning our leaders. Well, not publicly, not even much in social media. Mostly, at the kitchen table.
Prigozhin, however, gave many of us hope. He brought us solid victories. When he began complaining about what’s going on with the military HQ, he echoed our concerns.

It amazed me though how many people have immediately turned on him when he decided to square off with the certain people at the HQ. I can excuse all non Russian speaking fans of Russia, for they have no opportunity to listen what the man had to say. But Russians? When did Prigozhin ever said he is there to take down Putin? He was pretty clear whom he wanted to take down. Secretly, so many of us wished those people would be taken down.
Yet immediately Prigozhin became worse than pariah, and some have already found Jewish blood in him, and the latest I saw floating on the internet was him being a pedophile, running a pedophile ring.
No one bothered to ask why would Lukashenko want such a treasonous dirty pedophile Jew in his country, why all charges were immediately dropped, and Prigozhin was allowed to live with his men.

Instead, many Russian and non-Russian “friends” became downright nasty to me when I tried to defend the man whom literally yesterday they called their hero.
Only 1 person had the decency to apologize to me for being wrong on Prigozhin, and messaging me an interesting video I am going to post in the comments. This video is for Russian speakers only

Ella Moss

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Next is from Alexandr Dugin (father of Darya Dugina assassination victim)
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One Response to “Pregozhin is not a Jewish pedophile. Put down the hatchet and think what’s going on.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Perhaps of note is the dearth of recent info on the Telegram channels I keep an eye on. It as though everyone posting is taking a day off.

    Sky published this yesterday … Obviously a questionable source – Michael Bociurkiw, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council

    Wagner mutiny may have been an ‘orchestrated event’, analyst says

    The brief mutiny led by Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin may have been an “orchestrated event”, a global affairs analyst has said.

    Michael Bociurkiw, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, also told Sky News that the exile of Mr Prigozhin to Belarus may mask future “lethal” events.

    He said: “We cannot dismiss the possibility that this was actually an orchestrated event by the Kremlin – perhaps to do some house cleaning of top officials, but also to test the loyalty of people in the military, of other officials.”

    Mr Bociurkiw went on: “I cannot see Mr Prigozhin riding off into the sunset on a tractor in Belarus, or digging potatoes there, or heading off into the jungle in Africa somewhere.

    “It all ended a little too fast and a little too tidy for my liking.”

    He also warned that the Wagner leader remains extremely powerful.

    “Mr Prigozhin commands a force that is bigger than the militaries of some medium-sized countries in Europe.

    “And don’t forget he commands an incredible amount of resources in Africa – it’s said that in DRC alone their annual income from mining is about a billion dollars.

    “The border with Belarus is very porous – it could still be used for another push against Ukraine, and with Mr Prigozhin there and his tactics, it’s pretty lethal.”