OSCE Whistleblower – Russian Claims Of Organ Harvesting Vindicated

OSCE Whistleblower

Whistleblower: Ukraine Is Harvesting Children in Adrenochrome Labs for VIP Elites

SOTN report

HUGE Organ Harvesting Operation on Wounded Soldiers/Civilians Exposed in Ukraine by Doctor
Who Performed Barbaric Extractions

Dutch Female Transplantation Physician Specialist Heads Up Major Organ
Harvesting Crime Syndicate In Ukraine
And Reports to Sandra Roelofs, Former
First Lady of Georgia

State of the Nation
First, watch the following video to understand just how highly organized this international organ harvesting crime syndicate really is. The true depth and breadth of this Khazarian global criminal conspiracy to illicitly harvest organs for the power elite and richest people on the planet can be extrapolated from the whistleblower doctor’s firsthand highly radioactive revelations.

Notice that the Dutch wife of the former president of Georgia — Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs–Saakashvili — is mentioned as the key contact of the implicated female Dutch physician who was both conducting organ extraction surgeries, herself, as well as overseeing the quality control of the operations. It appears to be Sandra Roelofs (see photo above) who was demanding a higher quality of organ extraction for their use in future transplantation procedures worldwide.

Sandra Elisabeth Roelofs–Saakashvili met Mikheil Saakashvili in 1993[3] in Strasbourg and later that year moved to New York City where she worked at Columbia University and a Dutch law firm. In 1996, the couple came to Georgia, where Roelofs worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tbilisi.[1]
(Source: Sandra Roelofs)

It’s also important to note Sandra Roelofs’ work for the International Committee of the Red Cross as indicated above. Who doesn’t know by now how the Red Cross has been used for decades throughout wars zones around the world to carry out all manner of illegal operations and criminal activities, especially organ harvesting?

Now, here’s the shock video that, if ever presented on the Big Media networks, would shut down the patently manufactured American support for the Ukraine War in a Kiev flash.