Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC

Editors note

This factual documentary, real journalism, exemplifies just how far the BBC has fallen.

BBC Head Girl of disinformation Marianna Spring and her BBC Verify cronies are invited to review and fact check this BBC production which focuses on NATO and the real far right.

Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, ‘Operation Gladio’ reveals ‘Gladio’, the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe.

This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups. Known as ‘stay-behinds’ these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies.

Director Allan Frankovich


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