Only in pantomime are goodies all good and baddies all bad.

It turns out that geopolitics like all politics is the team sport. Most of my friends on FB and VK are certain America and Israel are evil, and the players against them, Russia and China are perfectly good. And no one seems to notice that the world is not black and white, but is made up of 50+ shades of gray.

Yesterday, the head of Russian Wagner group, Prigozhin, went overnight from hero to a low criminal. Why? He dared to challenge the leadership of Russian Arm forces.

Whatever I said about him that was sympathetic toward him I was reprimanded for by Russian and non Russian VK friends at once. How dare are you, they basically said, to question Russian leadership at the time like this. Someone even posted a very interesting theory of Prigozhin turning into a Ukrainian/ NATO trojan horse, while playing 5D chess.

So I asked:
But why would he do that? He is rich, he is moving within Russian power echelons. Why would he switch teams? What Ukraine could offer to him that is better? Especially now that Ukraine practically no longer exists . Whatever used to be Ukraine is now just a NATO’s practice field. What actually drove him to make such a suicidal move? Could it possibly be that what he is saying is true? After all, we all know that no matter what country you are in, in order for people to rise to the top in any field they must be ready to walk over some heads, and so it’s the sociopaths who typically rise to the top. Why would Russian arm forces be any different? So could it be that Shoigu and Gerasimov drove Prigozhin to this?

It turns out that the friend who posted this 5D plan of treason by Prigozhin has a lot of questions too. “Maybe one day they are going to let us on the truth”, he said. But right now it’s not the time to rock the boat. We all must root for the team.

But who is on the team? Do the players have our interest at heart? Is the game fixed? Shut up, Ella, don’t be a party pooper.

I guess life is just so much easier when all you need to know is that America and Israel are evil, and Russia and China are good, and as the rest of the countries pick their teams, they automatically get on either bad or good side. The countries on the good side can do no wrong, the countries on the bad side can do no right -brilliantly simple. Questions mess this up. Let’s just wait for our team leaders tell us the truth when they are ready


Ella Moss