Once upon a time all Ukrainians were Russians

who simply lived in the region by the border ( which is what Ukraine means in Russian).
But because the region was bordering Poland and Austro Hungarian empire and Russia often fought with these countries, the western part of that region was constantly going back and forth between these 3 countries. So those Russians often ended up as Polish or Austro Hungarian citizen.

Austro Hungarian empire in particular was very worried about having a sizable Russian population. So in 19th century this population was renamed as Ukrainian in hopes the people would forget who they are.
This renaming helped a bit. After all, 99% of them were illiterate peasants.
But still the Austro Hungarians worried that even as Ukrainians, these people felt as part of the Russian world – they spoke mostly Russian, their culture was identical to Russian culture, and they were Orthodox Christians, not Catholics like the rest.

Austro Hungarians tried to outlaw the Orthodox churches and that’s how Byzantine Catholicism was created: many Orthodox churches simply went under the Vatican umbrella without changing the liturgy and the ceremonies.
But still insecure, Austro Hungarians resorted to the truly Machiavellian tactics: they decided to forge the Ukrainian movement for independence. Their agents began to disseminate the idea that these Ukrainian peasants have continuously been oppressed first by Russians and now by Hungarians.

By the time of the Soviet revolution this Ukrainian movement for independence has already been under way.
I suppose Lenin might have wanted to appease its followers by partitioning Russia and creating Ukrainian republic. Since Ukraine was actually Russia, it had no separate language or culture. So the Soviets actually created Ukrainian language by using the local villages’ slang richly peppered with Polish words and some Old Slavic words as official vocabulary.
With that, Ukrainian still has not become a fully separate language. In truth it never became anything more than a dialect all Russians could still understand without studying it. Even the latin “I” inserted in the cyrrilic alphabet did not make Ukrainian into a fully different language. Moreover, although this language was taught in all Soviet Ukrainian schools, the greater majority of the population still preferred to speak, read and write in pure Russian. In fact, it still does to the present day.

The Western powers, starting with Hitler, found this Ukrainian movement for independence useful and sponsored and fostered it.
When the Soviet Union fell apart, the West ensured the Russian people living in Ukraine learn fictional history in school where Ukraine has suddenly became an ancient nation oppressed by all, but mainly Russia.
And so now many Russians living all over Ukraine forgot that they are Russians and now are fighting their counterparts as a separate nation.
Both sides in this stupid war speak Russian and call each other “peaders” – which is Russian derigative slang for pederasts. They can only tell each other apart by the color of the tape on the sleeve.
By the time this war is over, Russians are going to kill and maim many other Russians and declare victory once the West runs out of weapons, money and mercenaries.
I don’t think human history has known a more ridiculous war😢


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