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One Response to “News Being Reported in Russia – Independent Journalist Levan Gudadze”

  1. ian says:

    The Ukraine war rumbles on. It is decimating the young men from the population. Bankrupting the West. Destroying fuel and food supply routes into Europe. Enriching the Bankers, whilst acting as a distraction from the Globalist Banker takeover of the World. The young men will be replaced by organised third world migrants. The west will go onto Universal Basic Income paid in CBDC onto their Vaccine passport app on their phones for now, soon onto their chips. Anyone with a Mortgage “death grip”, will have it taken over by the big guys, ie the guys behind the war and bankruptcies. They will be really well off from the arms sales anyway, but want your money too, you cockroach.
    You’ll need to get vaxxed to get your money to buy food. There won’t be much mind, as Ukraine aint producing. We are rubbing China and Russia up the wrong way, so no bailouts from that direction. Holland’s agriculture is being destroyed. Much of Europes food will go to the US as it’s agriculture is destroyed too. Once the famine bites, city gangs will roam rural areas for anything they can get, but, as the saying goes. Always look on the bright side of life.