News and non-news. Prigozhin is right.


1. Prigozhin in Rostov was a decoy. The real military commander of Wagner, Utkin, did not go to Moscow but to the nuclear weapons base, and occupied it successfully
2. Shoigu disappeared. In his stead, Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, was in charge of trying to stop Wagner
3. Even the west and SUPRANATIONALS (overlords) got mighty scared. All war activities in the region magically stopped
The only 5D moves were from Wagner’s side
1. Wagner remains intact in Belorus (near another nuclear base😉), but heavy weaponry goes to the RF forces
2. There are serious cracks in Kremlin, and Shoigu is going to retire once all quiets down. There is now a little doubt that Putin is fully isolated, as he could not even get the phone# of his old friend Prigozhin, and Bortnikov had to furnish that. The discontent is muted but palpable. But the overlords would rather keep Putin than the likes of Prigozhin
3. The supranationals (overlords) are stopping the war, probably, by fall, AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE LEFT FEELING FULLY BETRAYED if that is to happen.

Oleg Tsarev, who we have covered before several times already for his candid analyses had this to say:
Yesterday’s success of the PMC was due to many reasons. But one of them is the neutrality of the military. The army, with rare exceptions, did not intervene. Why didn’t the army intervene?
Because [the Wagnerites] are their comrades-in-arms. Many in the past served and studied together, fought in the same blood with them.
But the second reason is that in the conflict between Shoigu and Prigozhin, the army was on the side of Prigozhin. It’s amazing, but I have a huge number of friends and acquaintances among the military. All as one are deeply negatively disposed against the Minister of Defense and his inner circle.

I know General Alekseev well. Significant for the army man. Remember that conversation between the three heroes of Russia: Yevkurov, Prigozhin and Alekseev.

Vladimir Stepanovich Alekseev always liked to joke, but in his answer to Prigozhin’s words that they had come for Shoigu and Gerasimov,  Stepanovich answered: “take him away then ”, there was only a fraction of a joke.
Wow. Candid stuff, guys. And he is playing it down, if anything.

More from Rolo:
Yes, I remember the good old days. I like to remind my readers that I had no illusions about the Russian government going into the SMO. I thought it was broken, pro-Western and heading in a bad direction. I thought that an existential crisis would force much-needed reform and national soul-searching.

On a grassroots level, this is undoubtedly occurring. People are taking an interest in geopolitics, the army, and their government. Russians are largely apolitical because of the widely-held sentiment that their opinions and actions have no effect on the government, which does what it wants, and usually that entails stealing lots of money and sending it to the West. So, on that level, society has indeed started to change, and for the better.

Russians are starting to reengage with society again. They are asking many difficult questions of their government. This was what the Kremlin feared the most and why they resisted involving the Russian people in the Not-War for so long. They didn’t want to stir them from their apathetic slumber.

But, on a political level, the best indicator for how little has changed is the fact that literally no high level person has lost their job despite the fact that they clearly messed up the SMO/the import substitution/diplomacy/intelligence and other existential things. In that sense, despite me thinking that I was a jaded realist when it came to the Kremlin, I was still too optimistic. I suppose I underestimated how deeply entrenched the elite were and how enmeshed they were within the patronage network extending to and out from the Kremlin.

The government seems to believe that to fire even one bigwig like Shoigu would lead to an unraveling of the system that they have built. It appears that there is no political will to begin reforms. This means that the crisis will only worsen and then when something does eventually break, it will have a worse effect on the country.

The Kremlin has revealed itself to be totally outcome-independent. I am forced to concede that the elites do not concern themselves with results or success, only maintaining stability i.e., the internal power balance system that they have built.

At the very least, I thought Putin would take the threat seriously, because his head is on the chopping block. Apparently he fears the consequences of firing some of his people more than he does the consequences of losing the war and being treated to the same fate as Saddam or Ghadaffi.

Either that or he is largely a powerless figurehead and the country is ruled by an alliance of spooks and oligarchs that doesn’t mind losing because in the end, they will always end up winning regardless.

Ella Moss

on powers in Kremlin, a conversation with a friend:
This situation, you identify, is no different than in Washington DC. however the so called ‘higher ups’ in the US are the Puppet Masters who pull the strings.

Flghtoficarus, Why should it be so different? The west put its own people in charge of the remains of the Soviet Union. I was actually present in 1987 when David Rockefeller was assessing who would be a better future Russian oligarch (an agent for the City of London). For a while I swallowed all hook and sinker the story of Putin the Great, who freed Russia of those oligarchs.

But in 2016 I began to have my serious doubts. I have even seriously wondered if real Putin has been killed, and the powers in Kremlin (read the City of London) are touting his doubles, much like the guy behind the teleprompter is touting Biden. Like many Russians, I can see that Nabiullina who is in charge of Russian Central bank is working for the IMF. But she is a long time Putin’s appointee. During the plandemic, Putin (or whoever in charge) has implemented lockdowns almost as draconian as in China. Now during the war, Russia keeps selling gas and oil through Ukrainian pipelines and whole a lot of other products through Ukrainian infrastructure – and that’s why Ukrainian infrastructure stands untouched. Russian oligarchs make money on this war just like any other oligarchs in any other war.
In fact, if you look at Russian politics domestically and abroad since 2016, it is at best incompetent, whatever the lovers of Russia+China team say.
But at least since 6/24/23 the Kremlin powers know that their cushy seats are very shaky.

Ella Moss.

TAP – Intelligence services don’t work for their country but for the international banking cabal.  Always.  That’s why Bortnikov was put in charge of stopping Prigozhin.  Every Russian soldier supported Prigozhin, and hoped he would win.

The main media doesn’t report news, only non-news

NON NEWS The main news is always full of stuff. Some of it might even be real and true. But not much of it is. People are taken in so easily – sadly.