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New Atlas LIVE: Mike Jones: Living in Russia and Life Amid the Special Military Operation

Today we talk with Mike Jones of iEarlGrey, a British expat living in Russia and has been active in covering Russia’s special military operation from his unique perspective.

At about 53 minutes Mike says that people from the UK are emailing him that they are afraid to speak out….the entire video is an excellent listen; highly recommend……we should be so proud of Mike…..

Where to find Mike Jones (iEarlGrey): Locals: https://iearlgrey.locals.com/

YouTube:    / @iearlgreytv  

Rumble (YouTube alternative): https://rumble.com/c/iEarlGrey

Telegram: https://t.me/iEarlGreyTV

Website: https://www.foreignagent.tv/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iearlgreytv