One Response to “Meme – George Orwell ( Describing WH Neo-Cons)”

  1. ian says:

    Millions of lives ruined and or ended by the people he mentions.
    Some events stay in your mind. I always think of it as the village brown noses ready the memorial for remembrance day. I once read a book, long ago called shot at dawn. One case sticks in my mind, though unfortunately his name doesn’t. He joined up in WW1 and was in the trenches. Twice awarded medals for bravery, and eventually promoted to sergeant. During a German shelling, he was buried, and eventually dug out unconscious. He was hospitalised for 2 months or so, but on returning was different. Now if the shelling started, he’d curl up into a ball, and shake uncontrollably. During a prolonged episode of shelling, he crawled away and was found way behind his own lines. He was charged with cowardice, and as the title of the book suggested, was shot at dawn. Sickening. That was just one case. I often think of the 16 and 17 year old boys, lying dying out on the battlefield, crying for their Mothers.