Marijuanna Spring Investigates Kit Klarenberg

All was peaceful in the garden. Dougal had a sugar lump, Dylan strummed his guitar, Florence was smelling the flowers and Marijuanna was resting after her exhaustive deep dive delve into the interrogation of Kit Klarenberg by the UK authorities upon his arrival at Luton airport.
“He’s definitely a disinformation agent,” concluded the fair minded and meticulous BBCs Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent.
“All done,” she gleefully declared, “It’s great being British and working for the BBC! We’re a beacon of democracy to the whole wide world. Time for bed!”

Paul Mason’s covert intelligence-linked plot to destroy The Grayzone exposed

British police detain journalist Kit Klarenberg, interrogate him about The Grayzone

3 Labour Voters talking…
Owen Jones with ‘journalist’ Paul Mason. Oh, how exiting! Britain’s finest!?



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