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Legal actions against chemtrailing

Uncensored: Worldwide Geoengineering Lawsuits!!! Landmark Case – Interview with Maria Zeee, Nikki Florio and former Mayor Reinette Senum discuss geoengineering and the pending legal actions that are being taken against this deadly practice of spraying metals and chemicals into our skies and the air we breathe – Manipulating weather is also part of this assault on humanity. They manipulate the weather and then blame climate change on humans. Thanks to Bestsis for sending this to me. Excellent interview. 1 hr. 23 min. VIDEO

HIV-Infected Green Monkey DNA Found in COVID-19 “Vaccines”: How Even Bill Gates’ ChatGPT Became Redpilled Because of Microbiologist Kevin McKernan – ARTICLE/VIDEO (3 min.)

Green Monkeys, You Say? BioNTech’s mRNA Factory and the Marburg Virus – SV40 was taken out of vaccines years ago because it caused cancer in animals and now they are finding it in the COVID injection and no one is concerned/. If there were no true concerns over SV40 why did they remove it from the polio vaccines and all other vaccines??? ARTICLE

Shining a Light on Polio – ARTICLE

Shining a Light on Tetanus – ARTICLE

Killing Cows in the Name of Preventing Climate Change (if this article expires before you get to read it let me know…I saved a copy) by Dr. Mercola – ARTICLE/VIDEO (22 min.)

STALIN’S NANNY, and Covid Zero Communist for Boris in the UK now behind the systemic TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE IN CITIES from Lawyer Lisa – ARTICLE