Laurence Fox Investigated by MET Police For Diversely Burning His Own Bunting

The woke infiltrated and politically controlled MET will be examining Laurence Fox’s latest shocking tweet (below), I wonder if the MET will celebrate Laurence’s diversity ?

Lets hope that for Laurence’s sake the big chiefs at the MET are not setting their sights on winning “The Inclusive Awards”

Or perhaps being selected for the ……


Curiously many publically funded police forces are listed under the heading “Inclusive Companies” which of course being publicaly owned they are not.

Here is another of the judges  Laks Mann of the MET. One wonders if Mann was politically appointed at the taxpayers expense by dodgy WEF sychophant and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The Mayor’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group shapes, influences and guides the delivery of the Mayor’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Laks Mann is an award-winning Diversity and Inclusion Champion with a career spanning the corporate, charitable and public sectors. Laks is currently serving with the Metropolitan Police working in Strategy and Transformation, having previously worked for Deutsche Bank, PwC, Jones Lang LaSalle, and charities in the sustainability arena. Laks is a Trustee for the wellbeing charity caba, a Trustee and LGBTQ+ Lead for South Asian Heritage Month, and is the Founder of Gaysians UK. Laks is the LGBT+ Positive Role Model 2020 Award Winner at the prestigious ITV National Diversity Awards, and was listed in the Top 30 BAME Leaders of 2020 by University of Oxford, House of Commons, Lloyds Bank and Operation Black Vote.


So will Laurence get a fair hearing from the diversity judges at Sadiq Khan’s MET ?

Here is the evidence before the court….


4 Responses to “Laurence Fox Investigated by MET Police For Diversely Burning His Own Bunting”

  1. ian says:

    Everyone with whom I’ve discussed this subject agrees with what Lawrence says, so who is pushing this agenda without any public support. It smacks of cultural Marxism.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Cultural Marxism as a tool of woke fascism.
      The wokeness imposed on the MET and every other organization is to be enforced by ESG rating. This rating will eventually come to you in person.

      The implementation of ESG standards is a lucrative opportunity for consulting firms specialising in advising executives and company owners on how to best to comply, or pretend to comply, with the standards, gathering data, and writing thick reports, often published on glossy paper and shelved unread until they end up in landfills.

      Recently it was reported that Tesla, one of those at the forefront of the transition to green energy, scored only 37 out of 100 points in S&P Global’s assessment of its performance in the aforementioned categories. It seems to weigh heavily against the company that it is mostly controlled by white males, and its executives have not spent much time or resources supporting various activist groups, or selecting suppliers based on their location in developing countries rather than the quality of their products.


      As more and more investment funds demand that the companies they invest in meet the standards, and banks also make such requirements to an increasing extent, those who fail the test may face difficulties with financing.

      • ian says:

        Thank you Sov’. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        “Cultural Marxism as a tool of woke fascism”

        Spot on, it is blatant fascism as per Mussolini. Corporations and State controlling society for their own benefit. State being subservient to the Corporatocracy at this time

        Woke is a major plank of this and it ain’t going away any time soon. The unthinking, leftist, naive woke fools mainly think that they are being “progressive” too. Give me strength

        But it can be resisted by the savvy. Do not consent, do not comply, use Natural Law and stand by your natural rights