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‘Kyiv threw it to rubbish heap of history’ Putin showing signed draft deal with Ukraine to African Peace Delegation

RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, VLADIMIR PUTIN, showing the signed draft agreement with Ukraine, on June 17 made the following remarks when holding talks with African leaders who seek to mediate in the Ukraine conflict in St. Petersburg.

“The project of this deal (peace deal with Ukraine) was initialed by the head of the negotiations group from Kyiv. He signed it. Here it is. It exists. It is called ‘Deal on constant neutrality and safety guarantees to Ukraine ‘ Guarantees, like you already said my dear friend, the president the South African Republic. 18 articles. Moreover, there is an annex to this. I will not even talk about it in depth now. It has to do with military and other things. It’s all in ink. Up to the number of military equipment and number of troops.

Here is the document. It was initialed by the Kyiv delegation. Signature is there. But after we, as promised, drew our troops away from Kyiv, the Kyiv authorities, just like their owners usually do it, threw it all to the rubbish heap of history.

I’m putting it mildly, and trying to be polite. They turned it down. Where are the guarantees that they won’t give up any other agreements?”




3 Responses to “‘Kyiv threw it to rubbish heap of history’ Putin showing signed draft deal with Ukraine to African Peace Delegation”

  1. newensign says:

    Interesting info Danceaway. That was the time that Bojo was sent to Kiev to stop the peace deal. We were not told it had already been signed and sealed!! It just shows the lawlessness of those pulling the levers in the west!!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes newensign they never told us that the west ratted on an already signed agreement did they. How typical

      It’s the “Rules based international order” in action. West makes up the rules as required. West imposes order by Imperial command. Their big problem is that the Rest won’t obey them any more

      This charade surely can’t last a lot longer? Particularly when their defeat in Ukie becomes impossible to hide

      Logically, there then should be some very angry taxpayer/voters in the West. Amazingly most don’t even seem to notice

  2. Tapestry says:

    Boris Johnson is on the same level as Blair for numbers killed by his actions. He could yet far exceed Blair.